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The Philosophy of Energy Vampires – How Do They Think (By Mr. Mandoela Svartgold)

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Hello everyone, today I want to talk about the philosophy behind the philosophical spiritual concept called vampiric energy. What is this energy and how to protect yourself in these situations?

As you know I am an empath. In the past, I was very innocent and naive about people. I thought people were good. Most of them. At least like me. Who does not seek to harm a person who has done nothing to them?

Mainly it's a family. But sometimes the situation is different and there are people in the family, even mothers who are narcissistic and whose goal is to destroy one of the children, mostly girls, but if there are only boys, they will choose a boy... and cause them to lack independence, to be mentally dependent on not setting boundaries, they will not be taught this and then any person can take advantage of them. Because there is no limit to their dangerous potential of abuse.

I must write a lot of chapters on these topics because I read and bought a lot of books. Part of a psychopathic narcissist named HG Tudor I read a lot of his books called Fuel. Flying Monkeys' manipulation. Empathy and its derivatives. Narcissistic Rage and many more of his books to understand their minds. In addition, I worked with myself on a part of me that is derived from my empathy. THE CODEPENDENCY WORKBOOK.

I have been taking care of myself for 7 years since I discovered I went through many things and narcissistic injuries must be treated. This is only a tenth of what I read... I threw away many more books because I understood and didn't keep them at home.

Even during my bachelor's degree studies. I took care of myself to notice when I was coming from satisfaction and not from an empathic desire because I give and receive and not from a segment of exploitation. Exploitation can also be in the family, at work, and it is not always possible to put a real end to it. But the important thing is to keep the energy.

Since there are no research articles on this very important topic, I will explain it briefly and call this article 1 on Narcissists by Mandoela Svartgold, which means Mr. Tomasio may allow me to make a miniseries out of this on Philosocom.

So, why did I explain all this to you now? For you to understand 1% of the ways of thinking and moves and feelings of narcissists. There are many more.... manipulation and brainwashing and many other areas.... Those who get into a problem with them will understand what I am talking about, and I will be able to help them with the knowledge that they will read and continue to read these articles.

So, an energy vampire is a person who is chooses his or her victims because of being innocent and naive, such as a certain child who has no one to turn to and their parents do not move from them; Or a person with a disability, any disability, a person who does not have many friends or family to turn to. They will be the ultimate victim of the narcissist. That does not work in life alone. I might write about flying monkeys in another article. On occasion, If it has a response people will really appreciate this article. Because it saved me. These insights. They saved me from resuming my victimhood and liberated me from my former abusers.

Vampiric energy is energy that comes out of the narcissist by their emotions which are rage and anger. The rest of his feelings are repressed, and they put them deep in his head where he won't be able to access them. They are basically a weak person who works with others to destroy a person in a lot of ways and his friends that he also exploits and lies about that person a single person to bring him down. Only because they are jealous of the victim's kindness and that he does feel. And, because it needs fuel. which is their life energy. It receives that "fuel" by spreading vampiric energy in front of the victim.

(Mr. Rubinshtein's note: The narcissist is a master compensator. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.... Emperor Palpatine is a narcissist)

Each family could have a narcissist inside. Empaths as well. There are also flying monkeys who are not necessarily narcissists but believe in narcissists and they work with them to achieve the destruction of the victim. This energy is an energy that the empath or victim feels all over with a sense of confusion and fear. At the same time, the same narcissist sits, whispers, and talks a lot. They really like to talk a lot to the narcissists to cause manipulation accusations, shame, fears etc. to their victims.

The empath feels threatened. And the same narcissist who is usually in socioeconomic status as the one who received a lot of money from his parents in his youth. Whether he studied in the past. Still, after they study and become professional, they dump everything on the victim. They don't develop and you can see they simply don't even work. So, they sit next to the victim, and drive him out of his mind by accusations. even going back and forth. They don't listen to him. He can't tell them why they do it. And by lowering the victim's ego only because the same victim, especially if the victim loves himself and enjoys small things while they enjoy trips etc. with a lot of money and it is very difficult to satisfy their appetite.

While that narcissist is sitting next to the victim, he tells him and reminds him only of bad things or mistakes he made. Every little mistake.... makes every fly an elephant. It was very important for me to talk about this painful abomination. In this case, what you must understand as a victim is that you deserve to survive. And if you stay with him, he might even make you commit suicide. He will destroy you to the ground and there is no end to these people. Whether you are with such parents, they don't count you. And they will make empty promises too.

The only way to happiness is to try to escape from them before they make you end up in an insane asylum or a prison, that's an injustice. Get it right like a battered woman going to the asylum. Talk to the Ministry of Social Affairs. Or a psychologist who will really understand you... and not stop until they help you.

It is not easy to get help. But you must take care of yourself. I will write more articles and here I have written for you a lot about this and other topics in general.

Thank you all for believing in my writing.

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