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What are the Actions and Meaning of Flying Monkeys (By Mr. Manduela Svarl)

Updated: May 8

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Today, I, Mandoela Svarl, want to explain the term of flying monkeys in my own words. "Flying monkeys" are a new topic that has been talked about in the media, originated from the 1939 film, "The wizard of Oz". (Mr. Rubinshtein's note: Researching this article has revealed that a more contemporary, professional term, is a "Narcissist's Agent". It was popularized by American Psychologist, Dr. Todd Grande)

Where can you see the flying monkeys their best? And how do they improve the status of narcissists?

Several Points to Consider

  1. A secret in the family is cooperation between other narcissists, including welfare and the police, to gain control over a specific person. Narcissists need flying monkeys/agents to confirm to society that everything is perfect with them, and they are an ideal family.

  2. Creating a false positive image of the great narcissist who controls the family and his friends and family, who come to harm one of the people requires the cooperation of the flying monkeys. Narcissists are (arguably) large part of the population. Some say it is 10% percent, and some even say 50% (Mr. Rubinshtein's note: A website called the Recovery Village claims that there is 1 narcissist in every 200 in the U.S).

  3. Narcissist execute the removal of responsibility for their crimes and mental, physical, financial, and sexual abuse - by their agents, using them as scapegoats. A son can be one, for example, if the narcissist stealing from their child. Or another victim, without their knowledge, unaware of the ulterior motive/s.

  4. Controlling their social status - at work, at school... The flying monkeys do everything to destroy the economic social status of that chosen victim, and to prevent him or her from progressing or succeeding in life. If they has a profession or a good job, they will come to their career and destroy his name, by half-truths, or by outright lies. Defaming his name creates an atmosphere in the victim that they are not equal, but inferior (like being too irrelevant). Therefore, he must refrain from advancing.

  5. Controlling his life in the case of a marital system - the flying monkeys create an image of good and hardworking people. But at the same time, they follow the victims of the narcissists for the narcissists to get favors or help from them. And the name of the victim is defamed even in marital systems.

  6. The dependence of the narcissists on the flying monkeys: Since the narcissist alone cannot control the victim, he must have his deputies, relatives, and welfare, and some even use the army as part of their powerbase. Doctors are contacted to put the victim in a psychiatric hospital. All this to keep a secret. Every family has its secret, and to create trust in the narcissist. They help him and talk to the victim's partner to destroy his marital relationship.

  7. The narcissist's dependence on welfare and state factors - the narcissist does not act alone but usually marries another narcissist to "drink the blood of the victim's soul". He/she knows mothers or fathers are not typically abusive. And that's how society sees it, too, and is aware of the close eyes of the welfare ministries. Remember that welfare does not want to pay much for such a child. That is why the parents can have a good relationship with flying monkeys on their behalf, who are family and cause hatred between them in order to control them better (AKA "divide and conquer"). Maintaining control over the family can further prevent intervention from the state.

  8. The flying monkeys in the victim's friend or partner role, is to be able for him to control them. Even if the victim does not know, the narcissist merely pretends to be in love with their subject. Through influence, they can exert their power to greater lengths.

  9. The flying monkeys work behind the victim's back - defaming his name as much as possible and gossiping about him. (Mr. Rubinshtein's note: part of not being assertive stems from being weak-spirited. The less determination/resolve you have, the likelier you are to comply with others, even if you dislike them. In my years as a student, I complied wonderfully because I was very weak-spirited at the time).

  10. The flying monkeys are people who need money or pleasure from narcissists and act on their behalf, in order to attain these things they want. They may have motives and reasons of their own that motivate them to become agents by choice.

  11. Wasting time - the flying monkeys play a role on behalf of the narcissists and will do anything to make the victim waste their time. Time is worth money and worth goals.

  12. The flying monkeys in the role of best friend and giver of good advice: On the beach, they look caring and dedicated, but inside, their advice is to fail the victim and cause his spirit to break. Breaking their spirit by intent is a sign of narcissistic abuse, which can be seen as a malicious campaign to get more power in this world.

  13. The flying monkeys take advantage of the fact that no one cares about others (AKA, alienation) - and make the victim think that others will help him. And when the victim asks for help, they unknowingly gossip about him wanting money, etc. so no place will help him.

  14. Social media: the flying monkeys are there a lot to know where the victim is with whom and what is shared and to make him feel guilty and ashamed if he writes about them. Online stalking is key to get more information that can be used against the victim.

  15. Pumping the victim's fuel - by hurting his feelings and knowing that he was rejected by his parents (usually these are children who were denied in childhood) and that this caused them problems of insecurity and depression. Doing so creates a hostile, self-critical, outwardly critical eye that stuck with them socially.

Final Words

The purpose of flying monkeys/agents is to scare the victims and silence them, thus reducing or cutting off opposition that could stand in the way of those they serve. I studied and understood all this for more than six years. I keep reading and learning about it to this day.

In this article, I wrote down much of what I know about flying monkeys. When I saw things. Everything is written in experience. This is very interesting to me. I put a lot into this article and learned a lot of information. I hope you will like it and understand, and I thank Mr. Tomasio for letting me write on Philosocom once more.

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