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The General Skarr Allegory (Or, On Hiding From Honesty)

Updated: Jul 10

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Synopsis by Ms. Gabbi Grace

The article "The General Skarr Allegory (Or, On Hiding From Honesty)" by Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein explores the character General Skarr, a former villain who hides his ambitions of world dominance through mundane activities.
Despite his efforts to reform, he is tempted by the possibility of ultimate power, symbolized by the Grim Reaper's scythe, leading him to abandon his facade and embrace his desires.
The author draws a parallel between Skarr's story and their own life, describing a personal journey from seeking peace and anonymity to seeking global recognition.
The article delves into the philosophical discussion of ambition, contrasting Western views that celebrate it as a path to success with Eastern perspectives that see it as an obstacle to humility and enlightenment.
The reviewer, Ms. Tamara Moskal, concludes that ambition is not inherently good or bad, but its value depends on the goals pursued.


"You pretend to take pride in folly and flowers, but I know that inside you lust for more power. Speak your true mind, reveal your desire. I think you'll soon learn, baby, I can light you fire!" -- Thromnambular

The Truth WIll Set You Free

"You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free ...means that once you know the Truth you are free from suffering.
Many have heard this statement but only few have asked: What is the Truth? If there was a Truth that had the power to set you free...why would not everyone want to know the Truth?" -- Vivian Amis

I have talked about this fictional character before, but it was in a different context, as him being condemned to misery by being, by his author, a "butt monkey"; one who deserved being the "butt" of jokes because of how detestable he looks (AKA, like a WWII German officer).

However, in the article I wrote about him, one or two years ago since this entry, I overlooked a very important notion. He was a former villain, a paramilitary general of an organization who attempted to rule the world but failed.

Possibly the only reason he joined was so he could overthrow his boss and rule the world himself. Indeed, world dominance, or ultimate power in his case, is his true desire.

However, he is afraid of this fact and attempts to conceal it through gardening. After the organization disbanded, he retired from villainy. The problem with this attempt comes from a certain temptation that is within his reach.

The Grim Reaper lives in his neighborhood, and his scythe is an omnipotent weapon, capable of both fighting and casting countless spells.

In the very episode he is featured in on the new show he "immigrated" to, a dumb kid named Billy visits the former general, who boasts before him, that he used to be a general in a fearsome army.

Nonetheless, the general confesses that now he is no longer a bad guy who seeks power. Billy, with all his stupidity, tempts Skarr by telling him that the person who will wield the Reaper's scythe will achieve ultimate power.

In his attempt to escape his own sincere desires, the general kicks the kid out of his house and tries to distract himself.

Despite the activities he does around his house to reject his authentic self, he receives a mysterious call from Billy, who somehow got his number.

"Hello…? Hello, who is this?" I asked Skarr on the phone.

"Ultimate power...."

In a quick change of scenery, Skarr gives up on his "good neighbor" persona, retrieves his paramilitary uniform, and does an evil laugh, swearing symbolically to steal the scythe for himself. After all, that is the only way he would have a chance at world dominance!

Personal Reflections

I too was like General Skarr when I first departed from the metropolis, I grew up in. I moved to a less populated region of my country, so I could know true peace. In my quest for peace, I contacted my nemesis, in order to start anew, as friends.

It was all good and well. But then, like the kid from the show, she tempted me with the possibility of relevance. Unlike Billy, she did not do so intentionally at all.

Still, the result was the same! It was the same, because I realized that, it is only through relevancy, that I can attain what I truly desire!

Not peace! not serenity! Not harmony! But pure, raw recognition from the world; a recognition, which for me is too much a form of "domination", even if an esoteric one.

Thus, I left the tea, the deep, conscious breaths, and the relaxing music. Nowadays, like General Skarr wanted world dominance, I want world recognition, in lieu of peace!

Chen, you counter-productive woman! You made me desire the very thing I wished to stay away from during my high school years: to be known, recognized, and relevant, instead of being in the shadows of the world!

My former, fully hermitic persona, Tomasio the Monk! I REJECT YOU! I reject you, and much of the writings I wrote in Hebrew, in the name of ultimate solitude, because nothing else is so tempting to me... than being globally recognized, by the whole world!


This is the philosophy of General Skarr: it is difficult to escape from your true intentions, especially when they are within the reach of possibility.

You can choose to become less than what you would've been, but why do so, when you can seize the Reaper's scythe and try to extract your true desires from this world?

It is "easy" to deny them, but in reality, it really isn't. It really isn't, because the VISION of a more satisfying reality could forever haunt your mind if you resume concealing your desire for it from yourself.

Review by Ms. Tamara Moskal

Ambition is a character trait that motivates a person to achieve success and recognition. Historically and socially, it's a highly valued human feature in Western culture. "A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions." Marcus Aurelius wrote in his stoic teachings about the significance of personal excellence.
However, Eastern philosophy takes a contrasting view, associating ambition with a materialistic ego that hinders humility, wisdom, and enlightenment.
What perspective holds the key to truth? Is human ambition a virtue or a seed of depravation? The answer is not in the concept of ambition, but in the goals one pursues. An ambitious person does not necessarily seek power and domination but can envision success for themselves and a better world. Western and Eastern cultures are built on wisdom philosophers or spiritual teachers share with their students and followers, gaining relevance and sometimes fame and worship.
The same applies to science and religion. Humans are ambitious, and this trait makes us an advanced social race competing for excellence, relevance, and recognition. The evil ambition of a narcissistic ego results in power-hungry tyranny, while the moral ambition of a philosopher contributes to a better world.

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