Simplicity, Productivity and the 2 Giants

You don’t need to live a grandiose, hedonistically-luxurious life in order to be ambitious, and even more than that — there were and probably are occasions were those who intentionally live a simpler lifestyle, are the ones who get to be very accomplished and productive than those who spend their lives on luxury and other unnecessities.

For this matter let’s compare between two people — Emily Dickinson one who have lived in a more-ascetic manner, and managed to make a name for herself, and the king of Eswatini, Formerly known as Swaziland — Mswati the 3rd.

One — a poet who spent a large portion of her life in isolation from the world, mainly communicating with others through letters. The second — A hedonistic king you’ve probably have never heard about, from a country might have never heard about. Dickinson was in no way a ruler of any country, nor had any political authority, nor lived in a more-flamboyant matter, and yet she is remembered much more than the latter, who is often criticized for his lavish behavior in a country where the monarchy is absolute. The same, arguably, goes for her work than his.

Now, you tell me, which did more in terms of influencing the world — an esoteric, eccentric poet, or a less-known, less-cared-about dictator that even Kim Jong Un is much more familiar than him to the “common” human.

Whether Dickinson was ambitious or not, what matters is the fact that her writings, which were massive in proportion, had much greater power on the world throughout history than Mswati III will probably ever have, both in his lifetime and beyond. Perhaps, ultimately, he will be remembered but as one of the many modern dictators that have ever lived, not necessarily more than that, governing a country that is slightly smaller than Israel, which have obviously granted much more to the world than the former.

And indeed, it is often specifically because of a simpler lifestyle, that can make you more accomplished, because living more simply often means that you have both more time and energy in your hands, of which you can use for greater productivity.

Therefore, if you have ambitious that requires a great amount of work and effort, I suggest you to consider living more simply, so there would be less distractions around you, wasting your already-limited lifespan.

Final Note: No offense was intended to Swazis during the writing of this article. The usage of the Swazi leader was merely used as an example to a claim.


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