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Sexual Transmutation: A Philosophy of Energy Conversion (Clean) (By Mr. M. Svartgold)

Updated: Feb 9

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(Mr. Rubinshtein's note: Understanding this article I recieved, I realized I am not asexual)


Sexual Transmutation produces a conversion of sex into something else. Sexual energy is said to be related not only to sexuality, fertility and reproduction, but also to setting healthy boundaries.

Willpower, motivation and creativity. Making money. Feelings that we deserve to enjoy. Whether it's about money, sports, work, career advancement, or empowerment of any kind.

The aspiration of being a true, authentic self is necessary for this energy to develop properly. Our selves have been developing since childhood. We are active to obtain money, power, strength, hobbies; All this requires energy and persistence that is associated with such vital energy.

How to set boundaries? What does my body represent? Such questions are of sexuality, but also of other fields on our existence. Arguably, it all boils down to the libido. Even in having children, there is also an ambition to provide for them, so you need money, a job.

What do you want to learn? And how do you develop your professional direction? What do I start with? Is there anything for me in savings to start my life and achieve something? What is my expectation of myself as a person or as a breadwinner?

The world operates according to actions. Actions are done by energy. Creating money, creating children, creating an understanding of life. Mainly setting boundaries of what one's boundary is with myself or with others.

All this comes from the channeling of sexual energy for livelihood, relationship, family, career, the pleasures of life, some of which are of course orgasms even if alone. Excursions. Planning for trips. Planning things in general.

Each person produces energy in his body that this energy is spent on resources. To keep the energy flowing, and to channel it for a living, as well, is very important.

And for our relationships and for the children. We must prioritize each topic we have chosen. How much and to whom to give this important energy. We also have to, learn to hold this energy for the purposes of self-improvement, career development, prioritization, planning, increased mood and give it to a place that is really relevant.

That is why it is also important to have restraint. We have to hold this attraction and sensitivity thing in favor of our success. Something that will make us more motivated even afterwards. And to spiritual understanding.

Sexual energy is limited and depends on biological age, hormonal changes, health status and so on. But it can be helped to become more efficient for our benefit. We must understand that sexual energy is limited. We shouldn't waste it limitlessly.

We have to set limits for ourselves as well. and make us priorities and time for everything. We must understand that this energy can be depleted immediately after an orgasm or a certain excitement and then it can be lost.

We must know and understand to suspend it, whether not to reach sexual emission (in men) or whether to save it for other actions and things. To convert this energy, you can use Indian mantras, tantra ceremonies where you can dance naked to the sounds of music.

Without judging our bodies. Understand like children that our body is our sexual energy can be strengthened and preserved by starving sexuality. For 7 days, to decide that even if there is a desire, do and channel it into better directions.

It is possible to do guided imagery and feel sexual pleasure in our body without reaching the thrill of orgasm. but still feel wanted. You can dance without judgment and move your body however you want. Courage, strength and power can be imagined. Increase in sexual energy, sexual levitation without intimate touching.

A person should ask himself what is his passion? What will do him good financially? What will make him happy? Measure his actions... and the time he invests in it. Some channel this by balancing the sex chakra which is 3 centimeters below the navel.

There are meditations that refer to this chakra. There are people who for a certain period of time are not with a partner and invest more in their career, wanting to achieve financial success. This is also a conversion of the sexual energy. The more we know how to allow the sexual energy a greater place, the more we will channel it in our direction according to our desires.

Feelings that come from sexuality are also real feelings, alternations of desire. And this is also a real energy that flows through us. To raise this energy we must think about ourselves and focus on our breathing. Deep breaths. Showers with ice or cold water also help us.

Suspend this energy in the directions we wanted. After a few months of conversion of sexuality to other direction and goals, the thinking changes accordingly. We do not need approvals from the environment. And we can be and feel authentic. Capable. Motivated. And carry a strong willpower.

This is how we will achieve self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves more and more: We can feel good even if we are alone at home or at all. A higher self-worth and self-image is built. We can live in the here and now. And enjoy the love life that we really want. With excellence.

Use this tool and feed it all the time. Like a brain that works all the time. We must use it wisely. For positive purposes, for others. And also for ourselves. Never underestimate it, as long as you have it.

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