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"In Order to Conquer the World" -- A Story Written by Man and Machine

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Soldiers attacking an old castle.

Disclaimer: This is a story written in cooperation with an A.I machine that is free for all -- A.I Dungeon. This story is set in an alternative universe where many things have changed about me. Regardless, I played my part while I tried to be honest with myself. Because of the site's A.I policy, this is a rare occasion where I collaborate with A.I in order to write something.



The following story is a collaboration between my own doing and an A.I program known as "A. I Dungeon". "A.I. Dungeon" is a free internet game that allows you to write a story in collaboration with an actual learning machine.

Note: Some of the aspects of the original piece have been edited, even though some of the originality of the A.I remains.

This story is written to demonstrate how advanced artificial intelligence technology has become thus far, and that the possibility of A.I. gaining greater independence is closer than it may appear.

The Story Itself

It might not be completely competent like it should be, but as long as it could bring productivity like this, then it will only grow and might even dominate our lives.

Enjoy the story. It is set in an alternative universe, and the protagonist, although based on myself, has been altered by the A.I, making him not completely a self-insert.

General R. is a rogue military General with the intention of taking over the world. He is currently fighting a guerrilla army of rebel soldiers on a mission to reclaim a small town called "The Docks."

The guerrilla army is led by a charismatic figure known as Major Chen. When the two get into a fight, Major Chen and the rebels escape the town and go to an abandoned factory.

General R. is sent to investigate the rebels and try to find Major Chen. The rebels are disposed of, even though they scarred General R.'s armor and killed some of his henchmen. General R. finally confronts her in her hideout within the factory.

After a brief skirmish, General R. discovers that she is pregnant. Major Chen reveals the rebel's plan and gives General R. a choice. "Leave me and this town alone, or this baby will be your downfall", she said to him coldly.

General R., defeated by her words, agrees to leave her and the town alone. Major Chen lets him go, and he leaves the General. R., depressed by her absence, makes coffee in solitude.

Sometime later, the Major's rebels have become tired and hungry. Since they have been on the move for so long, they have not had food for quite a while. The rebels attempt to raid a local outpost for food.

The raid is successful, and most of the troops take the food. After a short while, the General and his troops return to the factory and find it abandoned. He thought Major Chen must have betrayed her ultimatum, because she escaped the very town she tried to protect.

"I am not, irrelevant!" General R. screamed to the air, fists waving angrily. "This country, and your baby, will be mine. I am the greatest soldier this world has ever known. I will bring my Clique to the greatest heights of success!"

Sometime later, General R.'s forces approach the Docks and the factory that dominate this port town.

"Listen up, my loyal troops. This factory will be our base of operations from now on. It will be here that we will restore this country to its proper image and dispose of the Chen Clique and its anarchist terrorists."

General R. sends out his troops to secure the factory from within, to make sure no further threats hide within, while he makes more coffee.

A short while later, General R. is ready to begin his invasion. The battle was fierce, but The Docks is now under General R.'s control. He sets his eyes to the mountains, where Chen retires and tries to live peacefully. He, too, wants peace, but for a different reason. He wants to be a father.

One day, General R. receives a short message from Chen. The message says, "Leave me alone. I want nothing from you. Erase me from your memory"!

He ventures to the mountains, where he sees Chen sitting on a hillside with her baby. Chen informs him that she has decided to be a teacher and that he is indeed the true father of her child. Chen lived in another village there with another partner and wants said partner to be the son's true father, while keeping the biological one away.

The general is furious with her and tells her that he will kill her and the baby. Chen tries to reason with him. "Let's leave this war behind us." She speaks. "You are not relevant."

General R. replies, "You do not know what you are doing, do you? Not only will I not leave you, but I will take this baby!"

Chen sounds the alarm, and her loyalists appear, armed with their guns.

He stands, enraged, but he is outmatched. He tries to escape, but his troops come into sight as he makes his way across the mountain. Another bloody battle begins.

The two forces fight fiercely, but Chen is able to keep the General's men at bay.

She had him cornered in a small cave. "As I said", Chen exclaimed in superiority. "You are not relevant."

Furious, he shoots her in the back of the head and then buries her next to a tree.

General R., now alone, looks at the baby and thinks of a name.

"I..." He said and left a deep sigh. "I just want to be in peace, as well. However, I, too, want to be relevant in this world. This child will succeed me. Let this child be a symbol of my triumph, and the beginning of our new era."

Sometime later, General R. sees a group of soldiers walking towards him. "Sir!" the soldiers exclaim, saluting him. "The Chen Clique is defeated. We now have the power to establish a government in the capital and end this civil war for good." The General nods and begins marching forward.

After a while, the warlord is back in his tent, sitting down on the floor. He closes his eyes and begins thinking.

"Did I do the right thing?" He asked himself in his thoughts. "My rage got a hold of me. Perhaps her life could've ended in a different way, in a more peaceful way. Now I might be condemned as a war criminal." He sighs. "I can't change the past. All I can do is fight on and try to win the war, even if I have to do it alone."

General R. rallies his followers with a speech. "We will march to the capital and take it for good. Once we liberate it, all that is left to conquer is the world!" The R. Clique began assembling and moved out.

Sometime later, the victorious Clique has reached the capital of this war-torn country. R. was furious when he discovered that the revolutionary spies within the capital were absent.

"Cowards!" He exclaimed, "You never had any intention to actually practice your philosophy! No matter, I will take this city without my former allies." The revolutionary takes his soldiers and marches them through the streets of the capital.

He marches his troops to the radio stations. "Listen to me!" The general shouts, "No more! We will live in times of uncertainty and danger! We will form a government in this city and establish a new country. One that will lead the rest of the world and bring it to a brighter future!"

More than a month later, the General has established his base in his new republic. He was marching through the city, when he noticed the survivors of the Major Chen Clique, hiding in the slums.

"Come out!" He yelled. "It's over. Your leader is gone", he told them. "Your leader is gone," he told them. "However, I will make sure that you will be punished honorably for your sins. I will see to it that the name of Chen will be avenged, for she too was an honorable opponent."

Chen hears her child's father and orders her troops to retreat. He, with his soldiers, catches her and her troops, and kills several of her men with his sword.

"What is this?" The leader asked surprisingly. How did you manage to live? I thought I killed you, back in that cave!".

"I had help." Chen replies. "You cannot defeat me."

"I see. But that doesn't matter." The General answered. "You are my enemy, and I will kill you. Right here, right now. My time to shine has come, in your stead!"

A moment passes in tense silence, only to be broken by the General. "Major! I apologize." He said this shamefully, turning away his weapon. "I too had no sincere intention of hurting you. However, such violence is inevitable in times of war. Look into the future, my dear Major, for we are no longer in times of conflict." He also told his men to lower their weapons.

He looks at Chen, who says, "I know you. You are very brave and loyal to your cause, but you also have a weakness that I will exploit. Do you know what your weakness is?" The insurgent major asked him with her natural coldness.

"I believe you have a weakness toward me." The General replied foolishly. "You are in love with me."

Chen shook her head in disgust. "I am not in love with you. Why do you have any faith in the idea that I love you, General?" She hissed at him viciously. "Face it. You are irrelevant. That's your weakness."

"I am not irrelevant!" He resisted. "I can bring people together and inspire the world with what I can offer it!"

She mocked him. "Such a legacy is impossible with you at its head. I am the one who will take over. Not this country, not the world, but your harmless brain."

The weakened regent tried to reply back, but Chen cut him off with her greatest insult. "You are nothing but an overstretched coward!"

"I'm sorry, Chen, but I'm no coward. I hate to do it, but you will be my country's first... victim of execution." He sighed and ordered his guards in a depressed tone. "Take her away, lock her in solitary confinement. No food, no water. Do it now. Do it already."

A long time later, R. finds that the former Major is still alive and well, despite his intentions to dispose of her in his vengeance. "Why did I spare you? Why aren't you affected by my anger?" He asked himself, more than he asked her.

"You spared me because you, sir, are a coward that pretends to be more than he is." Chen replied in the depths of the darkness. "You never had the courage to do it. To dispose of those you love. You are pathetic."

"You are the one who is pathetic!" Shouted the General "You are the true coward! Not me, you! YOU!" He slapped her in rage.

But before he did anything further, he controlled his temper and said, "I... I have to stop."

"That's right." She replied, unaffected. "Stop with your violence. You can hit me as much as you want, but you will never manage to kill me. I will haunt you in your dreams, General, even when I die. I am your bane; The proof of what the world thinks of who you are, of who you truly are."

He left her without a word, leaving her to die of starvation and thirst. Deep inside, he wanted her to see how wrong she was.

The General returns to the capital and to his revolutionaries. "We are free. Let us celebrate our new order". He said this to them, trying to be happy.

Within the celebration, a Chen Clique member attacks him. He kills the assassin, but later, the General died of his wounds.

The new country, before it could even be established, lies once again in anarchy, war, and ruin.

The story of General R. and the other revolutionaries is told in the book In Order to Conquer the World.

(Note: That is the name of the story that was given by this A.I. Its innovation reminds me of the following phrase: The hero is the one who conquers their urges.)

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