Change and Influence -- Growing Your Presence

Change and Influence -- Growing Your Presence

None of us can actually change society, let alone the world, with or without support. The change, however, usually comes when large portions of people are exposed to the content we provide, and when that content affects them in one way or another. The exception is, of course, when we are given a position of larger authority, like in the field of politics, which then our sphere of influence has a greater potential to grow to a wider audience. Much of our ability to change the world, therefore, is indirect.

Regardless, if you want to optimize your sphere of influence to the point where the content you provide will have the capability to affect audience all over the world — social media is probably the most common, elementary way to begin in. Provide the world with whatever you have to offer and build up your follower base, and your sphere of influence may grow larger than before.

The individual’s internet presence is probably the most basic form of worldwide presence they can have in this current era, which shows how important it is to preserve and grow it, if one is to express and promote whatever agenda they hold.

However, if you want to avoid infamy on the internet, even if such infamy will grow your recognition by the world, you should avoid scandals as much as possible, treat your critics fairly and with tolerance, and avoid being the world’s next laughing stock. Even if by doing so you’ll become more recognized, the world is less likely to take you seriously, which is an essential component of putting your message across.

There were, are and will be many well-known people across the media that have nothing to offer the world other than being laughed at, even if that isn’t their intention. Hence why I suggest you to dedicate time and effort into researching them and their content, and learn from their mistakes, so you won’t become a walking meme like they are, as your sphere of influence will grow and more and more people will be affected by whatever agenda you wish to promote.

And that — of course — begins with thinking what do you wish to advocate for in the first place. Regardless of whatever stage you are in life, you possess the potential to advocate for whatever may lead to a brighter future, as long as you’re influential enough, as long as your content is of meaningful quality, and as long as most of your audience will take you seriously. Combine and work on these three conditions, and you might have the indirect potential to change the world’s turn of events, even if that change will be minor in comparison to changes made by the world’s political leaders. Even if minor, it is probable that your content will help leading to a brighter future, however that term may be defined.

A final tip for your journey — try to avoid drama as much as possible. Are you familiar with the “How dare you” speech Greta Thunberg made in the U.N? In my opinion she could’ve put her message across without acting like a drama actor in a theatre. Act in a mature and respectful manner, and your content’s reception will become more tolerated and respected as well, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of your delivery.


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