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Using Numerology and Gematria to Understand True Love - Part Four: Catalyst (By Mr. Roland Leblanc)

Updated: Apr 1

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"Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them"

Quote by Kalen Dion

Part Four: Catalyst

In this part four, I want to pay attention to how many ways we can permute the letters of the word that we have used for gematria before! With a three-letter word, we can permute 3 letters into six different ways!

See below:

Using the word with the gematria of 297: (רצז) (Or "Rtzez" was the original word I have used). See the possible words that we can make of: Resh, Tsade and Zayin.

The six words are: רצז, רזץ, צרז, צזר, זרץ, זצר

Note: if you copy and paste those words in Google Translate, you get an idea of what those might mean…

Note: I have noticed that there is an interesting word that means catalyst; the word צרז; which word I find quite appropriate in this situation where we are to check how we can find the meaning of true love!

  • Trz צרז is a catalyst; (Speaking of a person; one who triggers a reaction by his mere presence.) (1. reference at the end of the article).

In order to figure it out, I did want to check it out by using a biliteral root paper in french from which I have translated the info for you… (3. Reference at the end of this article).

Tsadde צ TZ: This character belongs, as a consonant, to the whistling key, and paints, as an onomatopoeic means, all objects which have relationships with air and wind. As a symbolic image, it represents the asylum of man, and the end to which he tends. It is the final and terminating sign, relating to all ideas of split, term, solution and goal. Placed at the beginning of words, it indicates the movement which leads towards the term of which it is the sign; placed at the end, it marks the very term where it has reached.

Tadde and Resh צר TZR: If we consider this root as composed of the final sign, united by contraction to the elementary root אר (AR), we see emerging from it all the universal ideas, of form, of formation, of coordination, of compaction, of elementary configuration. However, if we consider it as the fruit of the union of the same sign final to that of autonomous movement; we only see the idea of a strong embrace, of oppression, of extreme compression.

From there, firstly: .צוּר Any formation by the coordination alone of the elements, by their own aggregation, or by their artificial connection, and their limitation to a model: All creation, all fiction, all figures, all images, all exemplars: Waw (Vav or ו) l, the action of forming, conforming, modeling, representing, painting, etc.

Secondly: .צוּר Any compression by the effect of an external movement which pushes, which squeezes the elementary parts on each other, towards a common point: Everything which constrains, obliges, forces, oppresses, obsesses, besieges, squeezes up close, acts hostile; a violent opponent; an enemy, a competitor, a rival; anything that causes anguish, pain: the point of a sword, the steepness of a rock, etc. (.צוּאר R. comp.) Everything that relates to bodily forms: in a restricted sense, the collar. Everything that serves as a link: the vertebrae; the muscular and bony ligatures: the hinges of a door, which (. .ציר) .bind it to the wall: the ambassadors of a king; a legation, etc.

Resh ר R: This character belongs, as a consonant, to the key lingual. As a symbolic image, it represents the head of man, his determining movement, his walk. According to Boehme, the letter R originates from the igneous faculty of Nature. She is the emblem of fire. Used as a grammatical sign, the character ר is in the Hebrew language the sign of any autonomous movement, good or bad. It is an original and frequent sign, image of the renewal of things, in terms of their movement.

Resh Zayin רז RZ: Any idea of exhaustion, material annihilation, extreme: tenuity that which becomes indistinguishable (That becomes fragile). רז In a figurative sense, the secret of the initiated. The arabic equivalent designates, in general, everything that is secret, mysterious, withdrawn. It's an intestinal movement, a dull murmur.

Note: The following video provides information about Resh and Zayin's relationship as being the Quouf letter:

At: 2:35 – and onward...

Raz means secret.

Note: From there, knowing what each letter and combination of two letters mean, I have checked the following : What is the spiritual catalyst?

The Definition of a Spiritual Catalyst

Most likely, you have heard the terms “Guru” or “Spiritual Leader”. But it may be true that you have not yet heard the term “Spiritual Catalyst”. While Spiritual Leaders, and Gurus are similar to a spiritual Catalysts in nature, the vocation of a Spiritual Catalyst can be quite different from the vocation of a Guru or Spiritual Leader.

By definition “spiritual” means something of an essential, incorporeal, perhaps even supernatural nature, the antonym of spiritual of course being, something of a purely physical and corporeal nature.

A Catalyst by definition is a thing which precipitates an event or change, often without itself being affected. Therefore, a Spiritual Catalyst is a person who precipitates an event or a change on the level of spirit (the essential, incorporeal part of someone or something). Spiritual Catalysts, like gurus, have achieved a high level of spiritual authority, awareness, and knowledge, which enables them to guide others. Spiritual Catalysts however, do not aim to become “Leaders” to their disciples as much as they wish to cause their disciples to question and find answers within themselves.

It is the firm belief of a Spiritual Catalyst that if a person is caused to initiate their own exploration on the level of spirit, that a person will then become the conscious leaders of their own lives. It is also the belief of a Spiritual Catalyst that if a person becomes the conscious creator and leader of their own life, that their life will inevitably become a kind of living enlightenment; thereby allowing that person to live in a continuous state of internal peace and joy.


In considering the words of the author of this sentence : ‘’ Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them.’’, we can say that a person who is able to help getting people to free themselves is a catalyst; doing this without self interest is quite amazing!

(Mr. Rubinshtein's Note: Essentially, the true lover serves as the catalyst to the person they love; a positive trigger towards a positive evolution. They are there to encourage them to know themselves better and develop themselves, based on that knowledge. They do so without interest, for they are in love. And love is not a business transaction. True love is a genuine wish for the other person, for the best. And in order for that to occur, one must know themselves. One must know the truth about themselves, because one must understand themselves in order to know what would be the best for them; a self-professor of sorts. Hence one of the reasons it's called "true" love. For true love is also the love of the truth).

Would you agree? Special request : I would like to hear from the readers of this part four; I wish to know what you think of this same sentence of the author : Kalen Dion? ‘’ Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them.‘’

Thanks for your interest!

Any feedback is appreciated!


1) “Element which provokes a reaction by its sole presence or by its intervention.”


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