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Using Gematria and Numerology to Understand True Love (By Mr. R. Leblanc) Part 1-2: Delving Deeper

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(Mr. Rubinshtein's notes: Part One meddles with a concept called "Destiny Numbers''. Destiny numbers tell us of people's fate in this world. According to this arcane art, it is possible to know what a person's life will be and arguably predict life events, using said destiny numbers. From 1 to 9, each destiny number tells us something different about ourselves. The first part expands on number 9, which is the result Mr. Leblanc found in his research of Mr. Dion's quote, which this series will be based upon.

Destiny numbers stem from words and letters. Life Path Numbers stem from our birthday. As such, my own life path number is 9. Life path numbers are about Who we really are. And our names are Who we must become (source). Since I changed my name, according to numerological logic, I changed my own destiny, which is, today, 6.

Thus, by changing my name, I changed my destiny.

Part Two expands on Part One using something called prime numbers. Prime numbers/factors in numerology have a special significance that exceeds the significance of all other numbers.)

Part 1:

For now, I wish to share with you my findings about the words!

In this first part of my analysis in english, I am using Numerology in order to get some idea(s) of what these words are all about. I am a Numerology enthusiast, and I will use a tool on line that will give me the number resulting from the conversion of each letter into a number! See the chart below : (1. see link for where to find this chart).

Note : As you can see, it is quite easy to convert; one has only to add the numbers that has been collected and there is the result!

I have copied and pasted the text into the appropriate window on the site, and the result is after clicking: Calculate name numerology:

(2. see link below)

297 = 2 + 9 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

Name Number is derived from all of the letters ‘’Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them’’

Note : In numerology, we add the numbers that makes the : 297 as above mentioned; the end result is : 9.

Note : I have used Destiny Number for a general meaning pertaining to these words; see the meaning of : 9 below! Describes our character and inner strength 9 = Emotionality, loyalty.

Note : this is what the site gives me about the letters that I have put into the search box!

Now, I am using a more complex and complete description of what a number 9 is:

See below (3. I am including the title of the book of Numerology that I am using)

Number 9:

The Compassionate Humanitarian

Number 9’s are compassionate, understanding, and kind – and those that aren’t are here to learn to be. Empathetic and generous by nature, they are often drawn to helping others or working in a career of service. As one of their life lessons is to develop broad-mindedness, they will encounter a wide variety of experiences and come into contact with a diverse range of people, from all walks of life. These people and experiences will teach them patience, understanding, and tolerance, and how to be less judgmental.

Many 9’s (but not all) are creatively gifted. Some are talented painters, writers, designers, actors, or musicians, whereas others simply have an appreciation of the arts. It isn’t uncommon for a 9 to excel in the area of health, education, government, politics, or social welfare. A 9’s happiness is found in the act of giving and selfless service, although some 9’s accomplish this more easily than others. 9 is ruled by the fiery planet Mars, which is why 9’s can also be passionate, emotional, and intense – with a fiery temper to match. Generous by nature, they find joy in showering friends and loved ones with gifts.

Interesting fact

You’ll often find a 9 fighting for a worthwhile cause, whether it’s the environment, animal or human rights, or supporting a national or international campaign. Number 9’s like to fight for the underdog and they want to contribute toward making the world a better place. Some 9’s are disappointed in human beings but are extremely passionate about helping animals or the environment.

Conclusion for this first part:

As you can see, the message is quite interesting and clear:

Number 9 corresponds to the one person who could apply this saying of:

‘’Encouraging someone to be entirely themselves is the loudest way to love them’’. As, I can see it, one has to think first of the others in order to encourage them to be themselves!

In the second part, I will be using gematria together with the same results from numerology in order to see if a deeper meanings can be applied to these words from the poet: Kalen Dion?

Thanks for your interest in finding about real meanings of Love; this first part is sort of an introduction to what could be looked at when I analyse these words from Kalen Dion!

Links mentioned above:



3. Book : Numerology by : Michelle Buchanan, Hay House Basics


Part 2:

In this second part, I will be using gematria together with the same results from numerology from part one in order to see if a deeper meanings can be applied to these words from the

poet : Kalen Dion.

297 = 2 + 9 + 7 = 18 = 1 + 8 = 9

297_18_9: The Prime Factors of 297 are: 3, 3, 3, 11. (1. see link for

finding prime factors at the end of this article).

Now, if we add 3+3+3+11 = 20/2;

Here are my findings about 297, about 20, about 18 and about 9 and about 2.

Note : this screenshot has a list of words that has hebrew gematria of 297; (2.a link to this list is listed at the end of this article).

When looking at such a list, I tend to look for a word that could lead me to find an insight that pertains to the words of: Kalen Dion!

When I am in doubt like I am right now, I tend to look at a gematria search within the Jewish Scriptures for more insights using gematria; I am using a word like this which has gematria 297 in order to search for the first occurrence of this 297 finding of mine.

(3. see link at the end of this article for a gematria search tool)

This is what I have found:

I have chosen to create a word with the gematria of 297: רצז (Or "Rtzez")

This word does not seem to exist, but, I have managed to find a meaning by using a paper in French which I translated a quote from:

* For the first letter Resh : ‘’ Used as a grammatical sign, the character Resh (ר) is in the Hebrew Language, the sign of any good or bad autonomous behavior.’

* For the second letter Tsade (צ) : this is the letter of the Tsaddiq, A Tzadik (Hebrew: צַדִּיק ṣaddīq [tsaˈdik], "righteous [one]" also zadik or sadiq or tzadikim [tsadiˈkim] צדיקים‎ ṣadīqīm in plural) is a title in Judaism given to people considered righteous, such as biblical figures and later spiritual masters.

* For the third letter Zayin (ז): sword or scepter.

Conclusion and intuitive meaning found about this new word:

Resh for being on a free choice to use our autonomy for the good or the not so good. The Tsade for maybe being involved in becoming aware of the fact that we are of a dual nature which is spiritual and existential. And Zayin for deciding either way to become a king over our existence and behave as per our unique life purpose that we have, unique life purpose that is enabling us to rectify this world.

(Mr. Rubinshtein's note: The combination of these three elements could further indicate the meaning of true love. The first element indicates that in true love, there is no true conquest. There is freedom. The freedom of one lets the other to be themselves, and vice versa. The conqueror restraints and educates. The free lover accepts and tolerates that their loved one is different from themselves, and that's fine.

The second element can symbolize the fact that in true love, we embrace our loved one to the optimal extant. That we recognize them for all their sides, and that we will not repress or deny these sides. This is a very powerful finding from Mr. Leblanc because True Love is also about loving someone for whom they truly are. With no masking or filtering necessary for that end. He or she who tries to restrain sides that they are not comfortable with, cannot truly love. For they fear these sides, and want the one they loved to bury them deep inside. This, is unhealthy.

Finally, the third part is about taking charge and authority over our actions, and using said responsibility to make this world a better place. For the true lover is not a coward but a king or queen. They do not hide from the truth and do not strive to deny it. No. They are not afraid of admitting they were wrong, and they are not afraid of loving their loved one wholeheartedly. The presence of the loved one does not threaten them. And the monarch does not run away from unease because the monarch is a noble, inspiring and charismatic figure. They will look in the eyes of adversity, and acknowledge their existence. Acknowledge the truth.

By wielding the sceptre of true love, the lover rectifies their own infantile fears and concerns. They charge into the battlefield of love, head on. By rectifying themselves, they allow the loved one to be the best version of themselves, thus rectifying them from this loveless world. For true love is a kingdom for authenticity).

בראשית 1:22

Translation :

כב וַיְבָ֧רֶךְ אֹתָ֛ם אֱלֹהִ֖ים לֵאמֹ֑ר פְּר֣וּ וּרְב֗וּ וּמִלְא֤וּ אֶת־הַמַּ֨יִם֙ בַּיַּמִּ֔ים וְהָע֖וֹף יִ֥רֶב


Genesis 1:22: "And God blessed them, saying, be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters of the seas, and let the fowl multiply upon the earth."

Note: this one is not so easy to figure out, without going through the overall verses of : Genesis Chapter 1, verses 1-31; we need to consider what is going on…

Conclusion of Part Two

Because I do not wish to have a too long article for you to read, I am suggesting to continue on part 3 for a more meaningful gathering of insights to gain from gematria; it seems that for now, I have reached a dead end temporarily! I see that a human being is free to consider growing up and become aware of his or her spiritual nature as well as his or her existential nature. I see that a human being can from there try to use both aspects and progress further more.

And, finally, I see that same human being able to decide to go on a spiritual journey!

Thus, from good (state from where we are prior to our journey), very good is part of the work that each of us can accomplish in order to rectify this world (our unique life purpose that we can fulfill in order to make this rectification happen!).

(Mr. Rubinshtein's explanation of Mr. Leblanc's conclusion: Growing up and facing ourselves, allows us to make this reality a better place. It also allows us to love more. And metaphorically, every single person is like a whole world. He or she who lacks emotional maturity and is afraid of the truth, can never attain the rare state of true love).








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