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"Even if you try to bring down my spirit, I will rarely despair as I have decided to put my very own life at stake. Therefore, there is only room for improvement or death. Since I don't want to die, I will resume my craft."

-- Rubinshtein on adversity


"Tomasio is a great philosopher we can all relate to."

-- Michelle Contreras Ewans, writer and researcher


"I see in you a beacon of hope for the distressed. Your courage, perseverance, and fortitude are a shining example for those who fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The sun always shines after a dark night! I wish you to worship the sun, which, as Khalil Gibran said, is the eye of God in the sky. All religions acknowledge that there was nothing in the beginning. As a result, they began to worship nature and evolved into powerful symbols."


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