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Wisdom For Website Creators/Owners (Poem)

Updated: Feb 18

A stunning city that resembles a tech room

A website is like a physical space,

In a sense that it will sometimes get visitors,

Sometimes more, sometimes less.

A school doesn't have to be populated,

At all times without exception,

In order for it to deliver its function:

Help people study and have them graduate.

Sometimes the school's visitors,

Get too sick, get a day off, or even be at a vacation.

Do not expect that all those who visit,

Will, every day consist,

At entering your virtual halls,

When they have other places to be patrons of,

Just like shopping malls.

Sometimes, the visitors will visit one time,

Never to return again,

And other times, people believe they have something to gain,

So they will visit your halls once more,

And therefore,

Remember Epictetus' philosophy,

For it is something to behold:

There are things one can control,

And things that do not,

Be grateful for all who visit,

With good intentions,

For they are worthy to be mentioned,

In the halls of your mind.

Remember that you are in a marathon,

And not in a sprint,

And that will, hopefully,

Whether one will visit less or more,

That is their decision,

Not yours.

The best thing you can do,

Strive to treat your visitors in a way that's nice,

And try less, to put them on thin ice.

Those who feel welcomed,

And believe they will benefit,

Will come more,

And might even recommend your halls to another.

Remember that even if their visit is not your decision,

Their visit's fruition,

Can be part to your own content and behaviour.

Finally, when it comes to your image,

Remember this:

Their visit is beyond your control, but nevertheless,

Than who you claim you are.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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