Insights from being beaten up by broken A.I in Mortal Kombat Chaotic.

Insights from being beaten up by broken A.I in Mortal Kombat Chaotic.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Yesterday and today I have played a most difficult, most broken, fangame, called Mortal Kombat Chaotic. For those of you who don’t recognize this game, it can indeed be called the “Dark Souls” of Mortal Kombat, simply because of how broken and intelligent the A.I is, which also depends on the character you’re picking and fighting against, because this game has also the largest selection of characters in MK history.

Now, I am not here to whine about the pain I was dealt with by the A.I, nor how many times I lost even on the lowest of difficulty - “Easy 1” - but instead I would like to share with you the wisdom I have learnt by playing this unique, very-challenging game of kombat.

1. Every defeat can be utilized to get closer to victory: Even on the “Easy 1” difficulty, most chances is that you will be defeated numerous times by the A.I. Nonetheless, with all of your defeats, the achievement of victory can be very, very rewarding, should you be determined enough to learn the A.I and learn from your mistakes with each defeat you have absorbed.

2. Every action has a reaction: The A.I will learn the pattern of your moves and will attempt to find a counter-attack, should you use the same pattern over and over again. Further thinking is required to surpassed the reactions of your actions.

3. Don’t let them breathe: The “Tournament” mode of the game has 2 bosses of one character, the antagonist known as Shao Kahn. That character is an absolute beast when it comes to combat; his health his really large and so are the amount of damage he can deal to you within single hits. Even an uppercut, a deadly move in series, may only decrease a small portion of his health. However, if you are not to “let him breathe”, in a sense that you won’t let him a big-enough gap to hit you dramatically, it is preferable to resume your combos even if he defends against them. Apply this to real life when you are in an antagonistic conflict against someone, physically or literarily - the more you hit them the less likely they will hit you back with a significant punch/offensive claim.

4. Pick your fights: There are characters in this fangame that are extremely overpowered, with the most notoriously one known as Simon, that can kill his opponent with literarily one hit. While there are less overpowered characters that are overpowered nonetheless, it’s preferable that you won’t waste your time fighting such characters because there is very little chance that you will win. Restart the game or match and hope that you will make it.

5. Accept pain that you currently can’t do anything about: Some opponents, especially Shao Kahn, will attempt to make you suffer by not letting you time to react to their hits. Shao Kahn especially may grab you for a few seconds, point at you and tell you “you are nothing” as he significantly decreases your health and throws you to the floor. Because you currently can’t do anything about this mid-way, it is preferable to just accept the pain and attempt to avoid it in the near or far future.

6. Some instances may have weaknesses that can be used for your own benefit: The A.I in the game can be very cheap, truth be told. They can uppercut you, arrive to your new location, make an uppercut again, and repeat. However, some of your opponents may have weaknesses that can be used to your own advantage. A specific character, for example, cannot be grabbed, so it would be useless to try and grab them. However, they also heal, and when the heal they can be vulnerable to a potentially-deadly attack.

And finally:

7. Check your options: Literarily check your options, because the game by default is set on the highest difficulty - “Hard 8”. Don’t be surprised, should you not check your options, don’t be surprised when you are to be beaten in a series of “flawless victories” within the first few seconds.

All of the insights here can be used in real life as well, making some video games to be having a potential to teach us about life as well, and not only simulator games.


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