Love-Bombing -- The Manipulation of Love

Love-Bombing -- The Manipulation of Love

Love bombing, so I’ve read, is a common method used by others on you to attract into a cult. While also other possibilities are of potential, love bombing is a sadly very efficient way for cult leaders to gain more members to their cult. As I said many times before, love is a biochemical drug that can be addictive. The more you consume this drug - like any other sources of unhealthy addictions - the more you’ll become dependent on it, to the point of losing your freedom and of sacrificing things to it to preserve it and the joy that comes from it, such as money, and even family and friends.

This is a grand reason of why people form cults - to gain money, power, and sometimes, sex. If you are to be treated with intense love, around the levels of this treatment being equal to love-bombing, your mind slowly adjusts to this love, to the point of doing things in the name of it, to maintain it and to avoid deprivation in its high levels of consumption and reward. This might bring you to a state of desperation, making yourself beneficial from those who pour their intense love upon you.

Another possibility, which I think is very rare in day-to-day living (i.e, in life that is not of staged shows, and anime), the love bomber may be a yendere. This is a Japanese term for someone who indeed in love to you in a sense of not only great desire, but also great possessiveness, to the state of them being authoritarian on you and extremely suspicious when you are to be even in the slightest, polite interaction to the gender of the love bomber. I wouldn’t say that this person may KILL those who seem as a threat on them by being potential competitors of you (for many fictional yenderes are also psychotic murderers that would commit crimes to preserve you as their own), but yenderes, whether of male or female origin, can still be unstable.

Make sure that the said person is not actually a love-bomber; they could simply be obsessive of you, which by itself is fine, innocent and unthreatening. How much do they express their love towards you? How intense are their expressions? Does the lover possesses any kind of mental illness? How much do they talk about you when you are to encounter them, and can they can interact about other things as well, besides you? Do they have in themselves anything else that is not about you and them and you together?

Perhaps they just want to be noticed by you (“notice me, senpai” is a meme of a game called “Yendere Simulator”), and that’s why they seem to be so desperate. It still doesn’t mean that they are a possibly mentally-unstable yendere.

If you are convinced that they are not a yendere, perhaps they belong to a cult, and are trying to lure you in. Do they belong to a certain “forum”, “community”, “non-profit organization”? It could be a cult in disguise, because why would a cult advertise oneself as one, when this title could bring the suspect of the authorities upon them? This is your chance to resist and to possibly reject them and save your life from a possible slavery of financial, emotional and sexual origins.

Regardless of the circumstances, what we can learn from love-bombing is to not trust anyone who loves us, as their affection towards us isn't necessarily for our own benefit. This also goes to show that the notion of love, although desired by many, can be a dangerous tool at the hands of others. Should we better understand the person who loves us at whatever degree, without falling into deception, we have the chance to save our lives from one or more potential deteriorations.


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