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Love and Humanity -- A Guest Post by Dr. Seyed Alavi

Updated: Mar 10

A grand festival in a far eastern nation.

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The divine organization is so great that it cannot be imagined, and we do not yet know a particle of it properly.

Many people still do not know the true and effective meaning of love.

God is the bubbling source of love. It is love that is with us in different ways in successive rotations, and when we reach it, we find spiritual and esoteric perfection and get rid of the game of the world and captivity in materiality.

In other words, to love ourselves. God is life, and He is the one who put everything He has created in man.

Absolute power is full of love, which, in order to show its love to its waves, commanded them to be in the hearts of the particles of the universe, and then, in the most beautiful way possible, created various beings and worlds to manifest itself.

Love encompasses the whole universe. All beings float in love, and its waves wave everywhere and crystallize in all the particles of the universe.

The universe is the hotbed of love, the divine creatures are its home, and love is its symbol.

The world of creation is based on love; love is complete with wisdom and faith; all beings are in motion according to innate love, from the creation of the earthly man to the single heavens, all are moved by love.

The center of the whole universe is based on love, and the human heart is also the center and place of love. It is enough to open one's heart to be the host of the waves of love and to know its sweet taste, and if the heart listens to the whisper of love, it will see how it speaks to him in love.

Love is not descriptive; it is not the love of the body and touch; it is not about words; it is not conventional; it is neither the body nor the soul.

Love cannot be compared to anything, and a limit was set for it. Man can reject love, but love never rejects him, because everyone floats in love, and all other divine creatures give themselves to us as love, and give us life, and make it sweet and lasting.

Love means self-sacrifice, which is the essence of life. Can anyone give this essence to others to make him happy? If a person has forgiven so much, then he is in love, and his container of love is full and becomes even fuller in heaven.

On the straight path, human beings who move with love and affection make the way to the destination much shorter because the attractiveness of the origin and manifestation of these concepts connects them.

Love upright stature; clear thoughts and life for better choices; strength and creativity. Without a loved one, one cannot speak of love; love is apparently burning, but not to be reduced to ashes, but to become light.

A great man said: If you do not have the love of the Creator, prepare the love of the creature so that the value of these words of yours will be achieved, and he said that the lover is accounted for by love, as is the beloved because of the lover; he also considers earthly love as a manifestation of divine love.

Steps to reach the love of the Creator; free love for His creatures; To love the Creator is to love; to love and serve God's creatures.

The universe and all beings are immersed in love. The waves of love for all beings are shining like the rays of the sun, and everyone receives them on the basis of his own vessel. Love belongs to all beings, but especially to human beings. Know that existence is not separate from love. Rather, you must realize that the universe is immersed in a sea of love.

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Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc
Dec 02, 2020

Thanks for this nice article that gives some hope for those that can foresee love as an upcoming reality for the times to come; personally, I see hatred and evil as a lack of love or a lack of awareness altogether'...

From what I can gather, we are surrounded by a Source and Presence that we can feel and that is real even if we can not prove this Presence exists rationally?

About: '...God is the bubbling source of love'...; I would like to point out that such an affirmation is counter productive because it makes us feel that if we are not aware yet, we are excluded and as such we are deemed condemned to go to hell sort…


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