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In the Search For True Peace (Poem)

Updated: Feb 23

A beautiful young lady

As long as one is amongst people,

True peace cannot be achieved,

And thus -- less than a life-well-lived,

Will be succeed.

That is because,

-- Screams, weeps, and annoying weeds,

From the grumpy elderly, to little kids.

Audio is one of the biggest human attributes,

Some see it as a virtue,

Others, a life-long issue.

As long as there will be people around,

One enemy, you will surround,

Their name, is sound.

Only in true silence,

True peace is in potential,

But whether you have enemies or are always in alliance,

Suffering to most, if not all,

Isn't very special.

Audio is the bane of my life,

It's why I don't have (physical) friends,

Let alone, children, and a wife,

The physical surrounding of people, of whatever end,

Makes me wish,

My life would end.

I don't choose to look this way,

Of mere will, so I say.

Passimism, for me, has been aquired,

And not at all, something to be desired.

Since Elementary school,

All I heard since then,

Were the voices of opression,

And those of the opressed.

It is only natural, to make the innocent,

Melancholic, anxious, and depressed.

Then, for some obscure reason,

The world is supposed to be a good place,

Whose common people are friendly and welcoming.

As I watch people interact on T.V,

I then ponder -- is this actually how things be,

With no fear, no threat, always being near,

Every day, every year?

But when you are eccentric by circumstance,

Things are only logically experienced differently,

No further questions should be asked,

And therefore, a different methodology, is to be commenced

A different imperative, a different mentality.

Thus, in order to live in serenity, in true productivity,

In genuine happiness, genuine fun,

I now know,

What should (even if not needs),

Be done.

I will let you theorize, what it is,

And no further words, will be said by me.

Don't ask!

It'd be a fruitless task.

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Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc
13 de jun. de 2021



Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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