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A Very Short Lesson in Logic

Updated: Feb 20

(2023 Note: Now that I compared myself to other autists, I've realized I have Asperger's Syndrome, which can be considered part of ASD, or the Autism Spectrum Disorders. I, however, am no longer sure if I am indeed an autist, even though I was diagnosed with both Asperger's and ASD. Please, take this article with a grain of salt, as I expect you to do, with any of my articles).

The following is a short-lived debate between myself and a former military man named Harry.

Harry called me on November 2020 a horrible writer because he didn't understand a paragraph of one of my articles, calling it "utter gibberish". I asked him, a couple of times, why didn't he asked me what the paragraph in question was about, but he did not address this criticism, along with many of my other criticisms.

On August 2022 (which is now as of this article's release), Harry said that he "Doesn't give a burnt hair as of why the writing was gibberish, only said that it was".

This was in reply of me saying that I'm autistic, hence why my writing is sometimes not as good.

Here is the short-lived debate between me and in regarding my autism; A debate he didn't want to resume, even though it was never solved:

“You’re trying to turn your “Asperger's” into an excuse for poor reasoning and/or communications skills.” — Harry

“I see that google isn’t your friend, Harry. I do have autism, I was diagnosed on January 2011. Why put in on quotes?” — Me.

(Later on)

“The fact…. that you put my disorder on quotes… are you a medical professional in the relevant field?” — Me

“Right. I have no desire to be lambasted by an idiot wearing blinders. You are done.” — Harry

(Note; I meant, “Quotation marks” instead of “quotes”. My bad).

Instead of telling me why I’m not autistic, Harry just insulted me and blocked me.

Insulting others without sufficiently providing counterarguments, does not make you smarter or more reasonable than others.

Disclaimer: I have no ill will towards the guy. I just think he is a “Dangerous sociopath with no scrap of empathy”, as he said so himself in a comment of his I found.

Another insight: Don't give in to insults, as they are not sufficient counter arguments. A sufficient counterargument will refer to the original argument in question, and not commit the logical fallacy known as ad-hominem. Ad-hominem essentially means: Referring to the person instead of the argument he or she presented.

Insight number 2: Those who are prepared to spit venom, should also prepare for people with vengeance.

Please do not harass Harry on Quora (or anywhere).

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