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What Is My Eternal Debt to Philosophy and Why

Updated: May 10

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I do not believe justice exists in this world as much as it can. However, I believe justice can be served not by divine hands, but by mortal hands as well. And I am not talking necessarily or exclusively about exacting revenge. No. I have proven Philosocom's relevance in the embodiment of appreciation throughout the world. People recognize my empire's worth, and most importantly, its potential.

In reality, my attempt to prove mine and this site's relevance was part of a bigger plan. I am not a narcissist who craves validation. Negative. Validation was necessary not for myself, but for you. And we do not live in a vacuum but in an interconnected, universalized culture.

I can work on my articles on my lonesome, but I refuse to. For something to be relevant, it must necessarily have relationality to a bigger context. The bigger context is you, the readership. And no, you are not being used. You come and visit this place by your own will, as I know you do because you value my work, and I appreciate it.

I am only alive to philosophize because philosophy saved my life once from the depths of existential despair. It was through reason that I was restored back from such void. However, unless I tell you this myself, no one would care. No one would care, because we live in an era of post-truth. And post-truth can make people lonely because it is the truth that can set us free. Through the truth we overcome intolerance, caused by our own emotions, and see the world beyond our platonic impressions. That includes loneliness. The loneliness of ourselves, as well as the loneliness of others.

When we are asked for how are we, we are expected to give an answer that would please the asker. And since it is abnormal to not be polite, we are forced by the norms to pretend and mask our true selves in the name of another's feeling. In the name of how reality makes others feel, and not how reality really is. As such, the truth sets us free from the chains of delusion, thus allowing ourselves to relate to others more, and for others, to connect to us. This is why honesty is important in relationships.

In reality, there is little to no justice, because truth and justice are interconnected, for truth informs justice. Post-truth leads to misinformation, and thus to a life of delusion, pretentiousness, and loneliness.

In reality I only live to philosophize to pay my debt to the world of philosophy for saving my life back then. It only feels true because it's the least I can do for a field many disregard and mock, to the point of claiming it is dead. But still, I don't care what I feel as much, and I don't care as much about philosophy's irrelevancy when it has the power to save lives like it did with my own.

For I have a debt to pay for a field that saved me from death. I don't even do it to feel alive or to live. I am only in servitude. A servitude of a lifetime.

My desires are irrelevant. It is oh-so unprofessional to not do one's job because one does not feel like it. I do not act on willpower. I act on power and reason. And the reason is that human beings can bring justice to this world, but refuse to, or are unaware that they should, by the reasoning of equality.

Karma, whether real or fictional, is something that can be presented through human act. And not only through retribution, but also through empathy, love and compassion. Because if someone is hurt, and have done nothing wrong to deserve it, justice deduces that they need to be shown compassion.

But human beings are unjust creatures, because their knowledge and intellect is limited. As does mine, of course. However, intellect shouldn't be underestimated or mistaken for a display of vanity. It should be celebrated as the very tool that can solve problems, increase empathy, and of course, lead to a greater understanding of justice.

And justice is about what should be. It is perception that shapes reality by its represented behavior. The more our perceptions are aligned with the truth, the better informed we could be, to better exact justice into this world, and as such, be more fair to others and ourselves.

I am indebted to philosophy for life because it saved my life. I am owed what was saved. That's how debt works. Had it not saved me, I would've died. I don't feel anything about it. I just know what needs to be done, by my own intellect.

And intellect is but a tool in reality. It's the very salvation of much of human suffering in this world, and much justice can be given to the things and beings who need it. And without the understanding truth bestows on us, we might as well forever be doomed to repeat the same actions that serve as obstacles in our path.

To be able to show compassion, one must understand another's situation. And to be compassionate, is to share one's current position, even if by cognition/intellect alone. One must also desire to reduce it.

...No one shares my experience with me. No matter how many people are there, reading me, or being in my personal life, no one understands or asks me about it. I am shown respect and admiration, which I appreciate. But they are no substitute for sharing my pain. The pain that I could've died by nihilistic despair. Because for that one needs compassion.

My contributions to the global legacy of philosophy is how I display my sincerest thankfulness. Knowing my prevented fate, and remembering it ever since, made me a broken man. I see no other reason to live, for I already know the reason as to why I still live.

And that is the hypocrisy that lies in many human companies. The fakeness, and the delusion runs deep, merely because many lack the intellect to relate to another. We think we are with one another, but as long as we remain ignorant of our authentic selves, we will fail understanding others as well as ourselves.

Lonely or not, I have a debt to pay. It will end when my life ends. That is the rationality of justice, unhindered by norms nor by post-truth. I tried pursuing other activities over the years. They are in vain. Very few people can understand me empirically.

I am repaying what I was saved, with what was saved. I don't care about being happy or joyful. I don't care about the fact that my country is at war. I live to repay, and in death that repayment will be paid in full, per what was saved, and therefore, given.

And justice is that severe, as logic itself.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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