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The Functionality of Personality Quizzes

Updated: Feb 23

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As someone who has taken personality quizzes since early adolescence, I can testify that there were a lot of them that helped me a lot to better understand who I am. However, there were also a lot that were nonsensical; either childish, simplistic, or a mere marketing attempt to attract traffic from various platforms.

Whatever the case may be about the general opinion towards them, some of them are actually pretty useful in the quest towards self-discovery. However, when it comes to aspects such as medicine and psychology, I'd reccommend to treat them with a grain of salt. Don't expect them to replace a psychologist or a doctor, no matter how much the results have convinced you that you have a certain syndrome, illness, and so on.

You should also consider this when trying out such quizzes: they might be incorrect even if you answer them truthfully. Even quizzes that strive for individual accuracy won't necessarily hit the spot as they pretend to.

Anyone can create a personality quiz, just like anyone can create any type of quiz, online. In order to find a quiz that will serve your purposes as best as possible, you will have to dig deeper into the internet than just the first or two pages of search results. After all, the internet prioritizes websites that are best optimized for search, not necessarily those that are the most comprehensive or provide the best functionality.

Also, keep in mind that taking a single quiz will not always be enough for self-discovery. Take as many quizzes as you see fit that can serve as a testimonial to the results of the previous quizzes. The more quizzes you take, the more likely you are to get similar, if not identical, results. A quiz does not have to match a specific theme (for example, "What kind of intellectual are you?"), but taking quizzes from multiple themes can also lead to similar results (a quiz titled "What should your job be?" could in theory reveal similar insights to the previously-stated quiz).

As I took more of them throughout the years, they helped me better understand my intellectual aspect and how it can also be useful to others. It helped me realize that I am introverted, sensitive, and so on. As I grew up, I have seen that most of these results were true.

However, this could be because I spent a long time finding appropriate, serious quizzes, and not those that appear more childish, like those with emoticons, emojis, memes, and gifs. Those ultimately only hurt the credibility of the authors, and even though they have marketing potential, I hardly use them myself in public forums/platforms such as this website.

In conclusion, personality quizzes can be very insightful, but in order to make the best of them, one should dedicate some time to finding them by being selective and by experimenting with several of them. They are not perfect, but they do have some philosophical value – through helping us understand who we are, our place in this world, and even help us find jobs that fit us as distinct individuals.

A small warning: personality quizzes should serve as an aid, and they are not a divine revelation. Use your judgment, and maybe consult with other people as well about the results. This whole endeavor could be pretty useful for anyone who seeks to understand themselves beyond the daily framework of life.

This article's been revampled. For this sake, here are some additional points that you may want to consider when taking personality quizzes:

  • It is important to be honest when answering personality quizzes. If you try to answer in a way that you think the test wants you to answer, the results will be meaningless.

This is Philosocom's 401st post, meaning that this blog now has over 400 posts. Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey, and may many more be on their way!

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