7 Tips on How to Become More Ascetic

7 Tips on How to Become More Ascetic

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Hereby my guide on becoming as ascetic as realistically possible:

1.Think of a reason that shall motivate you on your ascetic journey. The more you are convinced by this reason or by numerous reasons, the more determined and motivated you shall become.

2. Adopt a healthy diet, even at the cost of your food being of less taste. Eat as many vegetables as you can, so your body won’t get too much consumed by a potential obesity. It would be hard for you to live an ascetic life if you are to eat candies, snacks and junk food. Indeed, an ascetic lifestyle can extend your life expectancy due to health being an exalted value in the Art of Asceticism. Don’t eat when you are satiated, and avoid alcohol, smoking and other unhealthy consumptions as you can.

3. Attempt to be as less socially active as you can. This shall help you becoming more self-disciplined. The more you are socially active, the more temptations you shall need to overcome, making an ascetic lifestyle extremely hard in a world of hedonism and unhealthy substances which make you feel joyful.

4. Practice voluntary isolation. See how much you can be alone after you are to return from work or school. The more you practice this art, the more you will be able to endure temptations, and you shall be more self-sufficient and autonomous, even if not completely.

5. Dedicate your ascetic-based lifestyle on a goal. With lack of distractions, an ascetic lifestyle grants you much more free time to become for proficient at something and more enhanced at whatever skill that you wish to be enhanced in. Asceticism does not have to come from religious motives. These motives can be physical, intellectual and much more. I am myself an atheist, and I still practice asceticism, so I could have more free time to write and to live in my own Internal World.

6. Live simply. You can even live in an apartment with minimal furniture. You can even sleep on the floor at night, and keep your house with no pictures or unnecessary decorations. You don’t need coca cola; you can do as fine with water, coffee and tea. You don’t need to have a luxurious lifestyle and career; sometimes even the simplest of jobs can ensure you your financial stability. You also don’t need television thanks to the internet. The same is with the latest smartphones; mine is from 2010.

7. Attempt as much as you can to avoid possible temptations that might unnecessarily hurt you on the long run. The more you can conquer your desires and restrain them under your sovereignty, the better ascetic you shall become.


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