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The Rubinshteinic Teachings


I take myself to be self-taught philosopher and writer, wandering across the various streets, slums and underground tunnels of the Quora Dimension to answer whichever questions by people along my journey I find I am able and willing to answer.

As I progress through my journey in this enormous electro-metropolis without a definitive final destination, people from all around the world that arrive to this dimension request me to go to their place and answer their questions. Other people follow me throughout my endless strolling because they want to hear what I have to say. Some other people either approve or disapprove what I have to say. But it’s fine by me, because its their own right and I don’t mind people following me, it’s cool.

Anyways, I think I’m going to be a wanderer in this electro-dimension for a long time, simply because I like to express myself and even help others who need guidance in the physical and mental world which exists outside of this black-on-white ultra-forum. I like answering various philosophical questions which require logic, because it gives me, and perhaps others as well, a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s nice to use this site to contribute to many worldwide and offer them my wisdom, opinions, and advice. I also record my writings in this site in documents/books if anyone is interested.

Otherwise, I am your average adult loner and virtual wanderer, that doesn’t necessarily wants in life anything more than he already has in possession. Sometimes I also write about this great satisfaction from what there is already, on the contrary to suffering out of desire to more and more things. as typical in our consumerist age.

Tomasio Rubinshtein's sixth book and second book to be written in English, "The Rubinshteinic Teachngs". One of Rubinshtein's biggest books, it is a sequel to the previous book regarding questons asked worldwie.

I am a self-actualizing, self-conscious physical machine. I am here to produce and produce, both in employment and in leisure, to the optimal efficiency I am able to in the amount of time I have to live. This is the identity I have chosen to myself because of my self awareness, and because this is the most satisfying identity I found through philosophical inquiry. I have no lifeforce beyond that of logical reasoning and optimality-seeking. Wasting one’s time is a waste of potential.

I want to leave in this world many writings, and I shall write my fill, even if not everyday, then at least on a continuous basis, until my death, hopefully by old age. The more I write, the more benefit there is to others and to the wisdom of human civilization, as the same with everyone’s writings, since wisdom can be extracted from possibly everything.

Upon my metaphorical death by philosophy, I have become metaphorically undead. With the absence of a full, hedonistic and social life, I have become a servant of wisdom, an intellectual, and a master of myself with the iron fist of the Logic Military, to rule and oppress desires which are not functional to my ascetic way of living.

I only live to write, and I write to preserve my metaphorical undead-ness. Pure logic is my major way of attaining insights, not harmful, unnecessary and unproductive experiences, which waste my time on this earth.

Even though I am young, I have determined my destiny for the rest of my days - to live an ascetic life in the name of optimal and intellectual productivity and efficiency! No other consideration shall stand in my way, which is not built by a well-fortified logic structure.

Employment is my maintenance, but my residence - an industrial grave.

It is indeed about creating ourselves; our identity, on all of its individual and collective-oriented components - are a mere illusion created by the consciousness, and the collective consciousness, which is society.

Here is my story:

The more you close your mind from knowledge, the more you are certain the knowledge that is in your hands is true.

The more you open your mind for new information from various degrees, the more you realize how much of it is merely a mental construct.

No perspective is more true than the other. Every idea is valid at the same time it is wrong and false. Mentality exists the same time it does not.

To understand this, is to become undead, for the undead do not attach themselves upon anything or anyone. They kill themselves and remain dead while alive, since life is about attachment and pursuing. It is about believing the fluid is concrete, and thus drama and lifefulness are born from sentient existence.

The undead however, see the fluid as fluid, and nothing more. This is the Realization of Death. No matter what you do, interpersonal and mental experiences are a mere projection of an illusionary entity, called the consciousness. It is the same as the void, except that the void is universal even beyond the discovered areas, and the consciousness isn’t.

I am Tomasio, the Undead Philosopher. The Bringer of the Void.

I am my own type of undead - a hybrid of a lich and a revenant - a Rubinshteinic, a product of intellect combined with asceticism, or simply a lich revenant. Let me tell you my story, traveler…

There once was a kid who spent his entire childhood playing video games. Whether the sky was sunny and bright or cloudy and windy - that child kept playing the damn video games day and night after school and after homework. He was offered other opportunities to spend his childhood, but nope - video games were just to addicting and world-fulfilling. This, until he was exposed the Philosophical Realm of the universe by a dear person.

When philosophy has been made in mind and got invested for long periods of time, the child lost his innocence and begun to think how much he wasted his entire childhood playing video games instead of doing other things which are considered more worthful and more productive.

And so into the teen years many other things were offered to the boy, but it didn’t really mattered anymore, because philosophy has replaced video games. Beyond doing the necessary in order to grant time for self-actualization, isn’t everything else which is unnecessary, but potential of fun, is like a “video game”? Isn’t society a stimulation programmed by the norms, like a video game is a stimulation programmed by their developers? When I control the character in a video game, I am not really that character; it is simply a puppet created by people I don’t really know or care about. The same goes for the “character” in society - they are merely a product of norms which are external to you and which do not care about you personally. Rather, they care mostly if not only about the “character” you’re controlling, the one that many are convinced that they are themselves, because that’s how the norms made them to think like. The social ego just a creation of norms and traditions that don’t care about you and don’t care if you care about them, just like the developers of a video game!

This is a so-very alienating insight, and this is why I conclude with much eccentricity that video games and the life in the External World are fake realities; masks that we put on ourselves or are either put unto by others that teach us these masks are our true faces. We may gain pleasure and entertainment from playing a character in a video game like playing a role in society, but ultimately all of this fun, drama and entertainment are derived from faking, from delusion, from acting. We just learn to believe that we are the role we play in the society, just like we refer the actions of our video-game characters to ourselves (Shoot him! Shoot that! But wait, the character has the weapon, not me).

This has what led me ponder during my first years as self-made philosopher, is there anything more to life than the “video game” that is society and societal life? And then I realized, that there is - there is a life of relative solitude, fortified from the fakeness and absurdity of the theatre we call “real life”; a life with plenty of free time that one can domesticate to live a life of fulfillment, self-actualization, that encourages independent thought… a life perfect for an ex-gamer that wishes to explore the world after years of not discovering it.

Then I have discovered the following insight, based on my previous ones: not only more freedom there is in more solitude, but more objectivity. Simply letting oneself immerse completely in the theatre of life could only corrupt my perspective which I wish for it to become more wholesome rather than specific - and how do to that if not through observation from afar, rather than getting involved?

That’s how I became not only a philosopher, but an ascetic, while atheist (for the concept of gods is a societal concept, and therefore a part of the whole theatre we call “real life” but is merely a stimulation programmed by the norms and foreign authorities). Through solitude, one can have much time for philosophizing, which is a tool for discovering possible truths through the combination of logic and evidence. But through solitude AND asceticism, traveler, one can philosophize all the time there is between work and sleep, which in turn greatly increases one’s way of understanding existence in a more objective and a potentially soberer way!

And this is why, traveler, I see no need in going through the norm-dictated evolution of an average person’s life - you born, you study, you get a job and possibly a degree, get a partner, get family, raise them and die eventually. For a rubinshteinic, however, it’s that you get born, you work and study at the same time - and die! So much potential for discovering more and more insights about things and beings, is much worthier for a rubinshteinic than to live a video-game-scripted like lifestyle.

Who cares, after all, who’s the external scripter, when you can script your own life, and break free of the normative authority of external scripting? What you see in the life beyond the windows of your home is merely a globalized theatre that limits one’s thoughts in the name of conformity and obedience; the path to authenticity lies within a more extensive and voluntary solitude. This realization kills you and resurrects you from the death in the depths of existential despair.

And why to experience this “full” and “vivid” script of living when you can obtain knowledge and wisdom through study and intensive philosophizing? I can tell you that as a 20 years old I think like a person that has reached elderly (or at least middle age). There’s literarly no need to experience the “full” script of life when you can obtain its rewards by being an intellectual “undead” - by using “death” as free time to contemplate and research. In today’s world for a question that already has a possibly valid answer on the internet - you don’t need to ask others when you simply can google it in the world biggest library of human-created and human-discovered information.

That’s a rubinshteinic for you, traveler - a hybrid of lich, an undead intellectual, and a revenant - one that absences from the full life, but remains among the living nonetheless, through labor. I am one and I shall grant this new type of undead to the world for all to use both as a lifestyle and as a source of knowledge and insight. I am a rubinshteinic that offers his services to the world. None could now go and tell me that I am a waste of space when I’m using my solitude to contribute the people around the world in my own individual way - the way of the ascetic philosopher, the rubinshteinic!

Should you wish for insight, summon me and I will came in aid after a day where I’ve earned my bread.


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