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The Craft of the Irreligious Monk

The Synopsis:

The Craft of the Irreligious Monk is Tomasio A. Rubinshtein's first book in English to be

printed, and as of today (Feb 2018) it is also the largest book to be written by him. Over 180k worth of words which surround different topics, mostly philosophy, using the help of Quora, an international website based on user-written questions and answers.

Enjoy and enlighten yourself reading hundreds of answers to different answers covering ranged topics, from existential questions, to the author's personal experiences, to introductions to the author's personal philosophy, to singlehood and romantic relationship, written by a young man who have sworn himself to lifelong monasticism and ascetic life, devoid completely from religious reasons and religion in general. A thought-triggering book for intellectuals and for those who seek to be exposed to new ideas.

BONUS: Articles written by the same author, translated from Hebrew to English, including some articles from Rubinshtein's previous books.

Tomasio Rubinshtein's first English written book and fifth in number, "The Craft of the Irreligious Monk - Collection of Advices, Teachings and Personal Examples to Various Questions", featuring questions asked worldwide.
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