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Solos Dinus: Practical Guide to Solitary Individualism


If a person seeks individuality, i.e., the ability to avoid being divided by both external and internal objects and entities, they must stand firm and strong in their place, powerful and assertive, a triumphant warrior, a monk, and an ascetic. When they know not to be carried by the different issues of life, even if it would force them to reject them, only then will they actualize their goal as an Indie-Solitaire: A person whose metaphysical solitude, even in the External World, denies being dragged from their undivided position. They will be afar to get closer, be detached to be unified, and guard to preserve.


This is a book about ways and their conclusions, a practical guide, and additional content of philosophy and contemplation by Tomasio the Monk, which is his second book. With the inspiration of his first book, "Hermitericum," Rubinshtein has devised the practicality of his independently-created ideology: Solitary Individualism.


Through fluent, hard-working, and serene writing, Rubinshtein once again puts himself in the role of the Monk, and writes us how one can live a life that is built under the value of seclusion, and also disproves things we tend to see as taken-for-granted.


In a monastic manner, he claims that one does not have to escape from civilization in order to live seclusively. What if we are all loners, from birth until death?

Tomsio Rubinshtein's second book, "Solos Dinus -- A Practical Guide to Solitary Individualism". The book lectures about putting Rubinshtein's philosophy into practice.
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