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  • Autist Full of Caffeine (A Valentine's Poem)

    I'm Rubinshtein, hyped by caffeine, It's better than oxytocin. The one brings much less pain; The other can lead to misery again. Countless readers will visit, too, But I loved her more than I did you. The heart is free from rationality's cop, But without a cane I can't always stand up. Hey, Interest, please stay clear. My mind's too compulsive to spend a year. Hey, Interest, stay away from me. I'm busy trying to live a century after me. She should not have left on a Valentine's Day. It made me feel all doom and gloom. Such solitude is strong, I say, It's like when I was stuck in a British hotel room. I couldn't leave through the door, So the staff came with a god-damn axe. I guess N. Korea, like her, wouldn't care, They might just let me die and cover it, there. Hey, Interest, please stay clear. My mind's too compulsive to spend a year. Hey, Interest, stay away from me. I'm busy trying to live a century after me. I say, Love Interest, please stay clear. I suffer from fatigue, I only live for legacy, Hey, Interest, stay away from me. Find another man to file for irrelevancy. I no longer love schnitzel with corn, And I've been alone since the day I was born. It was nice but it was then I snapped: She had a boyfriend, so I am equal to crap. I'm Rubinshtein and I used to be a Tom. Life happened, I became obsessed with Philosocom. I'm a Tomasio who does not care if she'll see. I'm taking her claim down to Hell, with me. Hey, Interest, please stay clear. Don't pet my back when you go near. Hey, Interest, stay away from me, I'm just trying to live after death for a hundred years.

  • Bittersweet Satisfaction -- Settlement with The Inevitable -- A Unique Emotion?

    It was in the final area of Suikoden IV, the El-Eal fortress, where I have indefinitely acquired a less-than-known emotion. I expected society to understand exactly what I meant because I was young and naive. However, Israeli society either categorizes that emotion as sad or as happy. They had difficulty understanding my intentions. It seems that emotions are largely dictated by language and external influences. If I hadn't played that game and if I had not taught myself English, perhaps I would have never known Bittersweet Satisfaction. I did not manage to find this term online, so I made it myself. Imagine finally reaching the enemy's base. a duel of fates, per se. However, despite your satisfaction, there isn't much in the enemy's halls. A gloomy theme fills the hallways, and they are generally empty. There's no epicenter or excitement here. just the mystery of something that was never clear. Something, that does not care, if it's clear or obscure and yet has great presence. This feeling has been with me since the early 2000s. A strange mixture between good health and an anti-climactic sense of ending. I always had the intuition that my 20s were going to be the beginning of the end. I'm not talking about suicide, but about the likelihood of life never changing much anymore. Chen's abandonment on Valentine's Day, 2014, only strengthened this notion even more. It seems that I "knew" all along that there wasn't much expected of me. That intuition has been proven prophetic, as I am now considered handicapped by the government due to my fatigue and might live forever on a welfare salary. She may travel worldwide in search of excitement. I am incapable of traveling to the store for groceries by myself. In a sense, she is my exact opposite. She can do what I can't, and I care about what she does not. I had this fantasy of a hermitage for years. Now it has been bestowed upon me by the hands of life. I don't really have much reason to leave this apartment anymore. Beyond exceptions, why should I? Sitting is painful anyway, even after I began using a respirator. It was as if my intuition played a role in determining my fate. As a result, I am living out my childhood fantasies. I am neither happy nor sad. All I feel, is that it was "meant" for me. A mixture resulted in overall satisfaction. You know, things could have turned out differently. It won't. I don't know if there is a name for this emotion in other languages: A sense of silent accomplishment; an accomplishment that tells you: There's no point thinking beyond it; you've arrived; accept it and you'll find peace. I know I could've done more in life if I were a different person or if I had a different brain. This sense of accomplishment stems from accepting the uncontrollable hand one was dealt, possibly for the rest of one's life... Something like this one. Can you feel the accomplishment and the resolution? to try and be more aware of reality, and realize that one has little to no power over it? An emotion of recognized solitude; Recognized "destiny".

  • "The Cult of Kefka" -- Nihilism as a Spectrum

    By using the example of a certain video game character called Kefka Palazzo, I will try and show you how an extreme variant of nihilism can actually be very deadly. The term I use, "Genocidal Nihilism", is a term I made in order to define a form of purpose-defying belief that attempts to justify stuff like genocide, omnicide (the destruction of everything), and so on. Take this article as a way of me trying to explain, through an allegory, why extreme nihilism is bad and even dangerous for humanity as a whole. As usual and unless stated otherwise, I refer to video games as mediums to tell a story, so you can regard them as equal to a book, a play, and so on. No knowledge of gaming is required to understand most of my articles where I refer to story-driven video games. Like with every article, feel free to ask for clarification if needed. Kefka Palazzo is the main antagonist of the game "Final Fantasy VI" that was released in the 90s. He is essentially a psychotic clown and warlord who actually managed to win as a villain by taking over the world, only to be defeated around a year later. In his last period of reign, he attempted to destroy his domain simply because he deemed life too meaningless to continue any further. Not only his own life, but all lives. This isn't to say that every nihilist will become suicidal, let alone genocidal or omnicidal. That's why I regard nihilism as a spectrum, defined by deeds that were actually done because of one's nihilistic beliefs. While many nihilists would live comfortable, peaceful lives regardless of the fact that they reject the existence of significance in our universe, there are extreme cases, at least in fiction, where the nihilist "attributes meaning" to his or her ideology, by weaponizing it against others. Kefka here didn't care not only for his own significance but for the world's as well, so he was convinced by his nihilism to commit destruction with no regard for others, including his own followers. There is some religious significance within Kefka's story because he managed to win by becoming a god. An occult ritual of sorts ascended him to godhood and made him design the world in his own image. In addition, he also formed a religion or cult under his name, known as "The Cult of Kefka," a secret society of fanatical cultists who sold their lives to their founder. This is a very strange scenario because, in the real world, we usually associate religion with giving meaning to the universe. Arguably, one of the reasons people join collectives and perform religious rituals is to attribute meaning to their own existence. If said meaning is not assigned to their current lifespan, then it is assigned to an afterlife, as presented in some religions such as Christianity and Islam, where the next world is highly desired and prioritized. The idea of creating a nihilistic religion is very oxymoronic, as religion usually fills one's philosophical need for meaning and purpose. While I am not religious, I understand why some people value their religions so highly: they attempt to justify their own existence through faith. The attempt itself is noble in my eyes, and by itself, I wouldn't say there's something wrong with it. Kefka, on the other hand, is not only a god in his fictional universe but also an enforcer of his own brand of genocidal nihilism. He could not care less for his zealous followers and would kill them if, for example, he were too bored and needed entertainment at the time. He tried to justify his quest for world destruction by seeing nihilism as some cosmic, undeniable truth, so even when the people who resisted him tried to talk it through, the attempt at convincing him was fruitless. That was his problem — his utter unwillingness to keep an open mind. After all, in his eyes, other perspectives are as useless as his own. He would prefer destroying everything instead (but why did it take him so long to reach his personalized philosophy's conclusion?). I would not deem him a philosopher who is on par with Socrates' teachings. When you take a philosophy and believe it blindly, you risk treating it in a "religious" sense by looking at it with full bias towards itself. It's the difference between a philosopher and a religious authority, at least sometimes — the honest philosopher may be more open-minded and less biased than a public religious figure. Although they are not opposites, one of the reasons that I don't really discuss or write about religion is because religious folk seem to be far more biased than I am, and thus some of them may not regard the opposite argument with the open-mindedness I think it sometimes deserves. (I used to refer to my own philosophy as a religion, back when I wrote books, but changed my mind because greater understanding is more important to me than being a zealot of my own creation, but I digress.) Kefka Palazzo is a fictional example of how anything can become a source of religious following, even if that source isn't strictly a religious concept. Be it a religion or something smaller like a cult, it does not really matter when it comes to people's inclination to follow and/or praise something or someone. This is one of the reasons I myself do not brand myself as a "guru," because I have no desire to turn my readers into cultists. Unlike Kefka, I am open-minded enough to be exposed to other opinions and philosophies and would not do something major just because I was convinced of it at the time. I'll seek advice first and then reconsider. We can basically conclude that a nihilist isn't necessarily open-minded and perhaps might view his or her nihilism like a religious follower would view their religion. When Nietzsche claimed that "God is dead," he didn't seem to have taken into account the fact that anything can be praised as if it were of godly significance to some minds. So, if any of you encounter a nihilist, or someone who rejects meaning in reality, make sure you remember that nihilism is a spectrum that relies on the same premise. Not every nihilist wants to end the world, just as not every Muslim supports terrorism, not every Christian will try to convert you, and not every Jew is particularly bright. I believe that people should be distinguished from their religions, ideologies, and philosophies, as they are usually more than their ideals. Finally, one source says that he (Kefka) was born on November 19th. I'm not sure why this was important... Anyway, he was defeated by rebels, and with his death, the world was restored to its former glory. Final Note: I did not mean to offend any religious person; I was only criticizing my impression of the religious world.

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  • Tomasio Rubinshtein's Philosophy Blog

    Philosocom Philosophical Contemplations & Insights by Mr. T. A. Rubinshtein Site Anthem Nir Forrai & Reuven Hayun 00:00 / 03:09 Articles: 810+ Rate Philosocom All Posts Featured Poetry Personal Wisdom Solitude Society Videos Love Serenity Odd/Other Popular Guest Posts Translated 10 min Society Rubinshteinism; T. Rubinshtein's Political Philosophy (PINNED) NOTE: This is a special article, by the fact that I am intending to edit it once in a while in order to develop this new political... 192 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 2 min Poetry The "Why" of Philosocom (PIN) Why would a person declare To dedicate his entire life, To a single website? There is a problem, you see. Problem not necessarily Within... 154 4 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 2 min Personal A Brief Description of Mr. T. A. R. For Newcomers (PIN) Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein was born on the 7th of December 1997 and has been living in Israel for all his life. In 2011 he was diagnosed... 197 2 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 1 min Love Autist Full of Caffeine (A Valentine's Poem) I'm Rubinshtein, hyped by caffeine, It's better than oxytocin. The one brings much less pain; The other can lead to misery again.... 1 0 Post not marked as liked 2 min Serenity Bittersweet Satisfaction -- Settlement with The Inevitable -- A Unique Emotion? It was in the final area of Suikoden IV, the El-Eal fortress, where I have indefinitely acquired a less-than-known emotion. I expected... 18 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 5 min Odd/Other "The Cult of Kefka" -- Nihilism as a Spectrum By using the example of a certain video game character called Kefka Palazzo, I will try and show you how an extreme variant of nihilism... 20 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 5 min Wisdom The Psychopath's Fallacy -- Why Emotions Are Important Psychopaths, also known as sociopaths, are people who are incapable of feeling empathy for other human beings. While they can understand... 34 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 1 2 3 4 5 Popular Articles Universality of Truth (Poem) 114 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Guide to the Philosophy Blogger 107 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Life as an Exhausted Man 217 0 6 likes. Post not marked as liked 6 The 4 Horrors of Time Travel 238 0 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 The Problem With Time 348 0 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 People Who Enjoyed My Writings A Tanzanian Teacher "My students are proud of you and they feel deeply & utterly enlightened!" A Long-Time Reader From India "Sir, Thanks so much. You indeed are a master philosopher." A Fan "Philosocom is an absolute gem. Thank you for your insights" ​ A Canadian Caligraphist "Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate reading your articles" "If anyone told my story, he will tell that in my life I have been privileged to walk alongside who is without any doubt from the giants of philosophy from Socrates to Martha Nussbaum." -- Daniel Antonio Paez, Musician and Former Classmate

  • Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein -- Philosocom

    About the Philosopher "Even if you’ll try to bring down my spirit, I will rarely despair as I have decided to put my very own life at stake. Therefore, there is only room for improvement, or there is death. Since I don't want to die, I will resume my craft" ​ -- Rubinshtein on adversity. "Tomasio is a great philosopher we can all relate to" ​ -- Michelle Contreras Ewans, writer and researcher. "I see in you a beacon of hope for the distressed. Your courage, perseverance & fortitude is a shining example for those who fail to see light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun always shone after the dark night!! I wish you to worship the Sun which as Khalil Gibran said is the Eye of God in the sky. In the beginning all religions admit there was nothing. Hence they started worshipping nature & transformed into symbols of strength." ​ -- Dr. S. K. Pachauri, former Secretary to the Government of India Tomasio A. Rubinshtein is an Israeli philosopher and writer. Born in the 90's of the previous century, he wrote 7 books, mostly of philosophical nature, starting from the age of 15. He is primarily known from his participation on Quora, where he answered questions of people across the globe. A lot of his English content is a product of his voluntary services to this respected site, where was also declared one of the site's Top Writers for 2018. ​ A firm believer of individuality, he resigned from his academic studies, and chose to go his own way as an independent philosopher, believing that one doesn't need an academic degree in order to be a philosopher, giving Socrates, Diogenes and Nietzsche as examples. ​ In April 2019 he founded Philosocom, a site dedicated to many of his articles, which he updates on a regular basis to this day (2022). ​ Regarding his education, he has fully graduated highschool and attended a few courses in philosophy at the Israeli Open University. In addition, he has won 3rd place in a local writing contest for high school students and have reached the finals of an English speech competition at Jerusalem. ​ Rubinshtein has also been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 13 and served at the Israeli National Service for a year. ​ In 2019, Rubinshtein managed a community on the Quora website, composed of dozens of thousands of followers, dedicated to the sharing of insightful content. Since 2022 he runs a smaller community on said platform, called "The Tomasio Base", where he shares his Philosocom articles. ​ Tomasio Rubinshtein's purpose in life is simple -- to contribute to the world in his own way, and that way is a path of solitude, contemplation and follower-gaining. Regardless of his disabilities preventing him from having a job, he still has a great desire to serve the world in a way which he sees as meaningful and productive. Hence the existence of this very enterprise of Philosocom and its branches throughout the internet ​ On April 2022, in his quest for relevance, Rubinshtein founded a political ideology called Political Rubinshteinism , or simply Rubinshteinism which lies on the right-wing, libertarian part of the political compass. It is distinct by the fact that it also influenced by Rubinshtein's teachings regarding society and the sanctity of democracy. Click here for an overview. * Buy his books today by going to his digital bookstore . You can also donate if desired. ​ Full Name: Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein ​ Also Known As: Mr. Tomasio , T.A.R. Day of Birth: December 7th, 1997 Languages: Hebrew and English ​ ​ Occupation: Writer, Philosopher (non-academic), Admin of a Few Pages, University Student (Formerly), Website Owner, Archive Clerk (Formerly), Music Patron. ​ Skills: Writing Experience, Delievring Speeches, Computer skills, High dedication and Relative charisma. ​ Weaknesses: Anxiety, Autism, Audio Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue ​ Hobbies: Relaxing, learning about new things, finding new music, drinking coffee and listening to video essays. ​ Main Platforms: Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn ​ Goals: Prove his relevancy to the world, Preserve Philosocom as long as possible, contribute to as many people as possible using the internet and philosophize. ​ Type of Thinker: Introspective Rationalist ​ Type of Person: Fatigued Creator ​ Online Certificates: Blogging Certificate Philosophical Thinking Certificate Martial Art Philosophy Certificate Writing Course Certificate Phenomenology Certificate Eastern Philosophy Certificate Inner Peace Course Certificate Confidence Master Course Certificate Advanced Philosophy of Education Certificate Fallacies in Logic Course Certificate Authority Blogger Certificate Bushido Philosophy Certificate Arcane Education Tarot Mysticism Kabbalah (Intermediate) Tarot Mastery Numerology Psychology Education Dark Psychology Communication Skills

  • Philosocom's Music Center

    The Philosocom Music Center A Collection of Spotify Lists Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein's List (Mostly Various Instrumentals) Mr. Nir Forrai's List (Original Israeli Rock) Mr. Ori Sindel's List (Synth, Minimal Wave, Synthpop) Universality of Truth (Poem) 114 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Guide to the Philosophy Blogger 107 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Life as an Exhausted Man 217 0 6 likes. Post not marked as liked 6

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