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  • Wisdom For Website Creators/Owners (Poem)

    A website is like a physical space, In a sense that it will sometimes get visitors, Sometimes more, sometimes less. A school doesn't have to be populated, At all times without exception, In order for it to deliver its function: Help people study and have them graduate. Sometimes the school's visitors, Will have other things to do in their lives: Get too sick, get a day off, or even be at a vacation. Do not expect that all those who visit, Will, every day consist, Entering your virtual halls, When they have other places to be patrons of, Just like shopping malls. Sometimes, the visitors will visit one time, Never to return again, And other times, people believe they have something to gain, So they will visit your halls once more, And therefore, Might develop "loyalty" to your brand. Remember Epictetus' philosophy, For it is something to behold: There are things one can control, And things that do not, Within the global society. Be grateful for all who visit, With good intentions, For they are worthy to be mentioned, In the halls of your mind. Remember that you are in a marathon, And not in a sprint, And that will, hopefully, Give greater hope to your spirit. Whether one will visit less or more, That is their decision, Not yours. Strive to treat your visitors in a way that's nice, And try less, to put them on thin ice. Those who feel welcomed, And believe they will benefit, Will come more, And might even recommend your halls to another. Remember that even if their visit is not your decision, Their visit's fruition, Can be part to your own content and behaviour. Finally, when it comes to your image, Remember this: Show more, talk less. Their visit is beyond your control, but nevertheless, What you present/provide is more important, Than who you claim you are.

  • Autism and Social Incompetence

    Even before my desire to grow more solitary, I've been, by large, very incompetent at social interactions. I see no reason to pretend otherwise. I was never truly liked by most people who are not family. Even my own, deceased grandfather, whose face I've forgot, called me once a "moron", something which led my mother to disconnect my connection with him as a child. I don't know why I am a very unlikeable person, as I am not unlikeable by intent, regardless of the point in time of my life. I always strived to be approved and appreciated, only to come short by many whose appreciation I desired. This is why, in my eyes at least, philosophizing is the only thing I am proud of. It's simply because that's my only redeeming quality, I believe. If it weren't for this, then I might've sunk into depression, or sadness at best. Most of the people who were in my life are gone from said life. I can't tell what made them decide to vanish. Some did so while telling me, some just abandoned without a word. I do not pretend to understand the social mechanism, because I am too disabled to do so, and of that I am aware. I already know, however, that there is no complete justice in this world, and thus, when I was more social, I couldn't always get what I want; just like nowadays. A big part of philosophy is not only knowing things but also the ability to distinguish between what you know and what you don't know. As I was speaking to one of my readers for a few months, I have realized how much I am lacking in social intelligence, and it's not something I am proud of. Still, this is also something I am not particularly ashamed of, because it's not my fault I was born with autism and got diagnosed with it in 2011. Those who don't think I'm autistic, are free to read about the fact that autism is a spectrum, and not a specific disorder. That's why the official term for it, as of now, is "Autism Spectrum Disorder", which means that it is a specific disorder in a bigger bow of sorts. My country's current Prime Minister has a daughter who is also autistic. However, unlike her, I am able to communicate both verbally and through writing. I am glad to at least not reach this deep in the autistic spectrum, because otherwise my life would've been different than it is now, and not necessarily for the better. I used to want friends before in my life. However, that desire kind of declined when the one I deem my "nemesis", justified her abandonment by saying that she "doesn't want to hurt me". I never understood what that meant, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't going to hit me or anything. Regardless, even then I understood that there's something wrong in how the world perceives me. There is a fault that I have that others know of, and I don't. And perhaps, because of that, I was largely left alone at the times I participated in public frames such as school, work and so on. Thus far, no one has told me of that fault, and to be frank, I am quite disappointed by the world. Disappointed, because it seems that I am expected to know why myself, even though I can't, it's why it's called a disability and not something else. There's a reason why I am eligible to receive welfare from my less-than-American-capitalistic government. After all, every autist in Israel can be qualified for this basic income, which frankly, is below minimum wage; but at least it keeps a roof under my head. I just hate it when the world allegedly expects me to know things I can't know, and hate it, when the world tells me things, I told it, that I already know and understand. This chain of miscommunication, which was a central feature in my life, is, honestly, exhausting. It was all the more reason to largely abandon society and live partially as a hermit who rarely goes out his "hermitage". As for the few friends I already have, all promised me to not "stab me in the back", and since I want to trust people, I let them stay in my life, without specifically knowing why they would want to be a friend of someone who is socially-incompetent like myself. Regardless of my diagnosed autism, I see no reason to go and live in a hostel. I still believe I have the right to be free to a certain degree, and of course, I am not exactly a social creature. I guess that, if I wasn't a philosopher, I would indeed be irrelevant, like she said... To make sure I am distant from that depressing possibility, I must contribute to the world. That is why I write publicly and not to myself -- to avoid depression that is resulted from lacking in contribution. That's my philosophy, and that's why I allow this site to be free for anyone who can access it. After all, letting things stay free, is one of the greatest ways to make them effective in terms of exposure and contribution to others. I am lucky to live from welfare. There are things I want to know better about my social incompetence, but I won't be surprised if never will. The only word I can put to this problem is "autism", for that is my official diagnosis. I do want to know, for certain, why that woman "didn't want to hurt me", and why I am "too irrelevant", but I guess the answer will be isolated from my reach, making these desires, not exactly beneficial. I do not expect to be liked like a "normal" person would. I simply expect to be read by those who want to read my writings. I gave up, long ago, on the idea of popularity, simply because I'm autistic, and because the world isn't exactly a fair place. This insight made me be calmer, and abandon the concept of jealousy, as something I should desire. There will "always" be someone better than I, just like there will "always" be people whose condition is worse than mine. Thanks for reading for now. If you wish to comment on this, feel free to sign in or log in to Philosocom to submit your comment. If you're planning to comment in a language that isn't English, bear in mind you might get lost in Google's automatic translation, and therefore, risk being less understood.

  • My Philosophy On "Being Cool" -- Why It's Important

    In my eyes, when it comes to regular day to day life, unless there's actually a reason to be "heated up", we all should teach ourselves to "be cool". By being cool, I don't refer to being attractive, fashionable or anything of that sort; I refer to being chill and try to not submit to emotions, whose strength can hurt our mental balance. In other words, I at least define "cool" as simply "chill", and not much beyond this interpretation. My own desire to become "cooler", comes from my troubled past, as a guy who was, most often than not, overwhelmed by emotion. The more we are to drive backwards in time, the more you'll see me crying regularly, even if there is, in theory, not much to cry about. When I understood how being emotionally overwhelmed as counter intuitive, I've decided to try and be less sensitive. However, by this ambition, I do not pretend to be without sensitivity, for I may always have that trait within me, just as my mother has and her deceased mother had. Still, not all hope is forsaken, of course, since I realized that some of that sensitivity, is indeed within my grasp. Thus far, I believe it depends not only on one's own sensitivity, but also on one's perception of it, when it comes to suffer from this vulnerability. No, I don't believe in the concept of "real men". I believe that every male human who is an adult is already a man. After all, that's the basic definition of what a man is. Thus, even as a man, I don't see a reason to call myself, in public, a "real man", when I already am one, and when such premise should be out of the question. What I aspire to be, on the other hand, is cooler, which is technically a masculine stereotype. Being a "real man" or a "real woman" only depends on gender and on whether or not you're an adult. Other than that, whether we strive to be masculine or feminine, is our own choice to make, is it not? Some of my meds I take are there to cool my nerves, and ironically, drinking coffee makes me more relaxed. Maybe this is the reason as to why I enjoy coffee so much. As for the meds, I see no shame in having to take them, if it means I will be a calmer person. They also cost me quite a lot and require me to take blood tests every now and then indefinitely. I do not pretend to believe that there will be a future where I won't need these pills anymore, regardless of the fact that they are disgusting in taste. Nonetheless, I force myself to take them just to preserve my current mental state. This constant disgust of swallowing these pills, which taste like rotten fish (I think?), made me a more disciplined man, who sees life beyond the philosophy of hedonism. Hedonism... is such a counter-productive philosophy. It basically says, that if you don't enjoy life, then your life isn't worth much. To all hedonists here, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, because I no longer depend myself on the emotion of joyfulness to deem myself worthy, life began to be seen as more reasonable. Why? Because there is much more to life than mere emotion. I would define being cool the same as being serene: Having an absence of intense emotion, that could tip you off the balance of your mentality. Mania? Depression? Both are opposites of not only one another, but of serenity as well. Serenity is like the number zero -- it could be an absolute lack of either plus or minus, if you understand what I mean. The whole reason as to why I left my hometown is exactly this -- to be more relaxed. It was a great sacrifice on my end. I can no longer see much of my family on a regular basis, and practically, the only people I know personally here are my mother and her current boyfriend. I am a solitary person by nature, yes? But after being used to visit your family on a regular basis, life gets only further isolated from the external world. And if it weren't for the fact that I can still write and thus contribute, I would've considered retiring from my public life here online. If my cursed chronic fatigue will take this away from me... Well, this is a possibility I am painfully aware of. This awareness, alone, makes me calmer, for it grants me a bit of certainty; a certainty, that cools my head. In summary, based on my experience, I believe that trying to cool yourselves is something that you should indeed consider, regardless of your sensitivity level. Remember that sensitivity is basically a synonym for vulnerability, and it's quite difficult for me at least, to understand why anyone would glorify being vulnerable, as if it's a virtue and/or something to be proud of. Increase your resilience, be prepared for possibilities that are likely to occur, and you might find yourself in less of a need for trigger warnings and such. And this, yes? Comes from a very sensitive man. The irony.

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  • Tomasio Rubinshtein's Philosophy Blog

    Philosocom Philosophical Contemplations & Insights by Mr. T. A. Rubinshtein Site Anthem Nir Forrai & Reuven Hayun 00:00 / 03:09 Articles: 750+ Rate Philosocom All Posts Featured Poetry Personal Wisdom Solitude Society Videos Love Serenity Odd/Other Popular Guest Posts 2 min Odd/Other A Letter For Quora Visitors & Commenters In General (PINNED) To the people that come from Quora to my site and to commenters in general, I have joined Quora in 2017 as a writer, and it was back then... 152 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 10 min Society Rubinshteinism; T. Rubinshtein's Political Philosophy (PINNED) NOTE: This is a special article, by the fact that I am intending to edit it once in a while in order to develop this new political... 106 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 2 min Poetry The "Why" of Philosocom (PIN) Why would a person declare To dedicate his entire life, To a single website? There is a problem, you see. Problem not necessarily Within... 132 4 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 2 min Personal A Brief Description of Mr. T. A. R. For Newcomers (PIN) Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein was born on the 7th of December 1997 and has been living in Israel for all his life. In 2011 he was diagnosed... 142 2 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 4 min Serenity My Philosophy On "Being Cool" -- Why It's Important In my eyes, when it comes to regular day to day life, unless there's actually a reason to be "heated up", we all should teach ourselves... 20 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 5 min Personal "Starved" Analysis and the Ethics That Follow (Update: For more info on the character, for better context, scroll to the end of this article). The one known as "Starved", is an... 20 2 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 1 min Society Song of Peace (Israel & Palestine) (Inspired melody) We need to come to terms with, The fact that no side will leave, This blood-filled, land, We need of that to admit!... 24 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 1 2 3 4 5 Popular Articles Universality of Truth (Poem) 109 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Guide to the Philosophy Blogger 102 0 8 likes. Post not marked as liked 8 Life as an Exhausted Man 191 0 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 The 4 Horrors of Time Travel 229 0 3 likes. Post not marked as liked 3 The Problem With Time 335 0 7 likes. Post not marked as liked 7 Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Writer I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as an interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here . People Who Enjoyed My Writings Number #1 Testimonial A Tanzanian Teacher "My students are proud of you and they feel deeply & utterly enlightened!" A Long-Time Reader From India "Sir, Thanks so much. You indeed are a master philosopher." A Fan "Philosocom is an absolute gem. Thank you for your insights" ​ A Canadian Caligraphist "Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate reading your articles" "If anyone told my story, he will tell that in my life I have been privileged to walk alongside who is without any doubt from the giants of philosophy from Socrates to Martha Nussbaum." -- Daniel Antonio Paez, Musician and Former Classmate

  • Mr. Tomasio Rubinshtein -- Philosocom

    About the Philosopher "Even if you’ll try to bring down my spirit, I will rarely despair as I have decided to put my very own life at stake. Therefore, there is only room for improvement, or there is death. Since I don't want to die, I will resume my craft" ​ -- Rubinshtein on adversity. "Tomasio is a great philosopher we can all relate to" ​ -- Michelle Contreras Ewans, writer and researcher. "I see in you a beacon of hope for the distressed. Your courage, perseverance & fortitude is a shining example for those who fail to see light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun always shone after the dark night!! I wish you to worship the Sun which as Khalil Gibran said is the Eye of God in the sky. In the beginning all religions admit there was nothing. Hence they started worshipping nature & transformed into symbols of strength." ​ -- Dr. S. K. Pachauri, scholar. ​ "You did nothing wrong" -- "Ms. Chen", Rubinshtein's "nemesis" Tomasio A. Rubinshtein is an Israeli philosopher and writer. Born in the 90's of the previous century, he wrote many books, mostly of philosophical nature, starting from the age of 15. He is primarily known from his participation on Quora, where he answered questions of people across the globe. A lot of his English content is a product of his voluntary services to this respected site, where was also declared one of the site's Top Writers for 2018. ​ Rubinshtein has written and published 7 books in Hebrew and English, mainly on the topic of philosophy, with the last published book being a collection of a few short stories and poetry. All can be bought as E-books in his E-bookstore on PayHip (the link will be at the bottom of this description).​ ​ A firm believer of individuality, he resigned from his academic studies, and chose to go his own way as an independent philosopher, believing that one doesn't need an academic degree in order to be a philosopher, giving Socrates, Diogenes and Nietzsche as examples. ​ In April 2019 he founded Philosocom, a site dedicated to many of his articles, which he updates on a regular basis to this day (2022). ​ Regarding his education, he has fully graduated highschool and attended a few courses in philosophy at the Israeli Open University. In addition, he has won 3rd place in a local writing contest for high school students and have reached the finals of an English speech competition at Jerusalem. In addition, he is dedicated to completing a lot of courses on Udemy, to the point he sees it as a hobby of his. ​ Rubinshtein has also been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 13 and served at the Israeli National Service for a year. ​ In 2019, Rubinshtein managed a community on the Quora website, composed of dozens of thousands of followers, dedicated to the sharing of insightful content. Although it is now disbanded, many people appreciated his initiative. Since 2022 he runs a small community on said site called "The Tomasio Base", where he shares his Philosocom articles. ​ Tomasio Rubinshtein's purpose in life is simple -- to contribute to the world in his own way, and that way is a path of solitude, contemplation and follower-gaining. Regardless of his disabilities preventing him from having a job, he still has a great desire to serve the world in a way which he sees as meaningful and productive. Hence the existence of this very enterprise of Philosocom and its branches throughout the internet ​ On April 2022, in his quest for relevance, Rubinshtein founded a political ideology called Political Rubinshteinism , or simply Rubinshteinism which lies on the right-wing, libertarian part of the political compass. It is distinct by the fact that it also influenced by Rubinshtein's teachings regarding society and the sanctity of democracy. Click here for an overview. * Buy his books today by going to his digital bookstore . You can also donate if desired. ​ Full Name: Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein ​ Alias: Mr. Tomasio , T.A.R, "Master Tomasio" (by some). Day of Birth: December 7th, 1997 Languages: Hebrew and English ​ ​ Occupation: Writer, Philosopher (non-academic), Small-time Admin, former University Student, Website Owner, former Clerk, Patron of Music. ​ Skills: Writing Experience, Speech-making, Capable of being alone for long periods of time. Computer skills, Staying extensively awake, High dedication and Relative charisma. ​ Weaknesses: Anxiety, Autism, Audio Sensitivity and Chronic Fatigue ​ Hobbies: Relaxing, learning about new things, finding new music, thinking about the next article, drinking coffee and video essays. ​ Main Platforms: Quora, Facebook, Tealfeed and LinkedIn ​ Goals: Write as much as possible before death, leave a legacy, expand his content’s exposure and contribute to the world in his own way and be worthy and relevant to his followers & readers. ​ Type of Thinker: Introspective Rationalist ​ Type of Person: Fatigued Creator ​ Online Certificates: Blogging Certificate Philosophical Thinking Certificate Martial Art Philosophy Certificate Writing Course Certificate Phenomenology Certificate Eastern Philosophy Certificate Inner Peace Course Certificate Confidence Master Course Certificate Advanced Philosophy of Education Certificate Fallacies in Logic Course Certificate Authority Blogger Certificate Bushido Philosophy Certificate Rubinshtein's Portfolio: Arcane Education Tarot Mysticism Kabbalah (Intermediate) Tarot Mastery Numerology Psychology Education Dark Psychology Communication Skills Introductory Video Featured Articles Rubinshteinism; T. Rubinshtein's Political Philosophy (PINNED) 105 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Philosophy As "Basic" -- How It can Touch the Heart 42 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 The Legal Disclaimer Regarding My Nemesis -- My Reason of Reference 27 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Visioning The World's Best Philosophy Blog 38 0 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 Redemption By Succession; Magnum Opus of 2021 33 1 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 The Philosophy of Numbers and Meanings 55 0 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1

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