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The Q&A Page of Philosocom

1. What is Philosocom?

Philosocom, or the Philosocom Blog, is Tomasio Rubinshtein's greatest project as a philosopher -- the placeholder of his philosophical legacy for the world, in the form of countless articles, served for anyone with an internet connection and an apetite for philosophy, to read and enjoy. As of writing these lines, Philosocom's articles are free to read. There is also an external PDF book shop that sells Rubinshtein's books at low prices. In addition, Philosocom serves as an information centre about Tomasio Rubinshtein and how to contact him if desired (E-mail).

2. What are Philosocom's Articles About?

This site's articles are huge not only in terms of quantity but also of subjects. There is an article on aliens as there are on omniscience, world domination, love and singlehood and so on. Being the opinionated man he is, Rubinshtein has a lot of things to say to the world. Nonetheless, many of the articles here are about his own philosophy, known as Rubinshteinic Individualism, a hybrid between individualism, solitude and partial abstinence from the world. In short, there are a lot of articles to be found, just by using this site's search bar. May you find the things you're looking for.

3. Who Is Tomasio Rubinshtein?

Tomasio Rubinshtein is a writer and philosopher from Israel who was born in the 90's, was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (otherwise known as ASD), who gained his expertise mostly by being alone and contemplating on various of subjects. He attended the Open University of Israel while at high school but decided to stop his studies after realizing that one does not have to be academic in order to be a philosopher. Thus, Rubinshtein can be regarded as an independent philosopher. Forming his own philosophy, he became a semi-hermit after realizing not much is needed in general in order to be happy. Feeling obliged to contribute to the world in his own way, he created this site with the intention of making it a years-long legacy for the world to enjoy. More can be read on "The Philosopher" page.

3-1. Why Does He Regard Himself an Anti Villain?


Although he is a morally-good person, Rubinshtein is driven by vengeance; To show someone he once loved that he is worthy of relevancy. In fact, that is the primary reason of why he still alive, to be relevant enough, through his philosophical writings, that the one who called him irrelevant would, in theory, see that she was wrong. Therefore, even if he is a good person, he is also corrupted by his intentions, and he does not afraid to admit it. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the quest of relevancy is not entirely egotistical, as most of his work is free for anyone with an access to the internet.

4. What Do I Gain From Being a Member?

There are two benefits you can gain by creating an account on Philosocom -- gain the privilege to comment on articles and receive e-mails from this site about announcements. Regarding the announcements, they are not very frequent so you don't have to worry about spam.

5. Are All the Articles on Philosocom Written by Rubinshtein?

Actually, not all the articles here are written by one individual. Guest posts are welcomed to be applied for review, with attribution given to the guest writer respectfully. Should you desire to send an article to be reviewed, contact Rubinshtein at

Do you have any other questions about the site you'd like to ask? Contact Rubinshtein at 

Philosocom's Initial Introduction Video, 2019

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