Why Philosophy is Still Important/Relevant to Mankind

Why Philosophy is Still Important/Relevant to Mankind

Updated: Mar 13

Philosophy can still be regarded nowadays as important to mankind because we are more than just automated machines, repeating sequences and algorithms over and over again; it is of human nature to question the meaning of these sequences and algorithms, something that machines don’t do, as machines are not sentient, and thus not philosophical beings, like us humans.

When one discards philosophy from one’s life, one’s discards their will to understand, analyze and decipher the world around them, and themselves as well. This natural curiosity and the desire to know are concepts that don’t exist independently of philosophy, and due to their elementary status, science and human development are not independent of philosophy, as philosophy is the basis of every intellectual field; a basis that starts with “why” instead of “how”.

Science is the construction worker while Philosophy is the architect. How can a building be built if it does not have a plan and designation? It would be absurd to build a building with no purpose; it would be a waste of time, money and resources to build something you don’t know what for you build it.

It is therefore a philosopher’s role to designate roles and to justify their existence and the efforts being put on them. Without roles to be designated, without purpose to be given, our lives become absurd with each passing day.

You can discover many things as a scientist - but these discovers would be meaningless without a meaning, and purposeless without a purpose - and this is where philosophy comes in, to give or create meaning and purpose for them, within the Great Void.


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