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Various Poetic Definitions to Life

Hello, followers and readers of this blog.

Today I would like to dedicate this article to the recording of a collection of poetic definitions of life, many of which require your thoughts and analysis in order to be optimally understood. I found this collection while surfing through my sixth book, "The Rubinshteinic Teachings".

And without further ado, here are a collection of poetic definitions of the notion of what we call life:

  • A flower that constantly blooms and dries up, and vice versa.

  • A machine with finite batteries.

  • A chase after a never-ending horde of horses in a desert with no borders.

  • A hermit in a dark cave.

  • A drone in a box full of other drones, each with its own unique tools.

  • A vivid show of lights and sparkles that is addictive to the eye.

  • A treasure map with no directions or instructions.

  • A known start and an end, with fog in between.

  • A fluid pyramid that defies the laws of gravity.

  • A car that cannot function properly without regular maintenance.

  • A drive towards unclear horizons.

  • A tiny minion living in the body of a humongous, leaderless organization.

  • A theater with many masks and customs.

  • A race with no absolute winners.

  • An urban rat that tries to avoid being stomped on.

  • A candle in an apathetic darkness.

  • A stream of objectives.

  • An unfair competition.

  • A cycle of desire and suffering.

  • A pair of arms hugging slippery and massive objects on a narrow bridge with no fences.

  • A capsule inside a body of disturbing sounds.

  • A river of screams.

  • A hovering plate of sweets that avoids one's reach.

  • A frustrating musical instrument that does not make the exact sound you desire.

  • A global employment camp.

  • A stomach that always searches for more things to consume, even if it is itself.

  • A lockless black hole.

  • A shield under endless barrages of arrows.

  • An evolution of actions and appearances.

  • An adventure in a dungeon that always descends away from the light, into the core of the warm earth.

  • A surrender to the uncertain.

  • A struggle for control and order.

  • An absence of ideals.

  • A factory that does not care.

  • A series of commitments and habits.

  • A walk with an egg on your head.

  • An absurd, repetitive servitude.

  • A conflict of interests and motives.

  • A search for serenity and peace.

  • An escape from the shadows of the past.

  • A ride on a bus that does not pay specific attention or care to its passengers.

  • An authority whose questioning disturbs the vibes of the masses.

  • A search for another womb.

  • The wrath of the oppressed.

  • The profit of the masters.

  • A cycle of coins circulating around the world.

  • A party within a silent realm.

  • A quest for vengeance against those who make your existence miserable.

  • A karmic boomerang.

  • Endless teachings.


I hope you have enjoyed this collection of definitions. If you'd like you can share it and tell others what do you think about them; perhaps a philosophical discussion would be a potential.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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