The Value of Awareness

The Value of Awareness

Regarding the issue of what would be the best personality trait to develop, I took some time in contemplation and I’ve found a possible answer. Awareness could be the best personality trait to work on throughout life.

What differs between a being and a thing, is that a being has some degree of awareness. Awareness is therefore an elementary trait of consciousness, which exists in all beings, and distinguishes them from things.

By increasing our awareness to the environment and to ourselves, we become wiser, and wisdom may be impossible without extensive awareness. Application without efficient awareness to the situation at hand could lead to the exact opposite of one’s optimal results one is expecting for. Every detail, however significant or insignificant is, can contain a more general logical structure that is represented by details more important than the small, irrelevant-seemed piece of information. Thus any kind to exposure, to any kind of thing and being - could potentially make you wiser by better understanding the way of things and beings, and exposure is necessary condition for awareness to occur.

Everything we know, think and believe - all is a result of awareness, and could’ve been impossible to be stored within one’s mind without awareness. Our Internal World feeds upon one being aware of the External World and the former world, and every piece of information obtained contribute one to their growth in various areas of life. With logic as represented in every detail, everything is connected by logic, and the more we are aware of the details, the more we can open ourselves to the ways of logic that things and beings represent in their independent existence.

Ignorance is a result of minimal awareness. Those that have minimal information have minimal awareness as well. Think of a cat and a human in an empty room. While the human may become bored and tired, the cat is filled with information about the room, greater than that of the human. This is because the cat’s awareness is much higher than that of a human in terms of senses. Thus, at least on the sensory level, the cat’s inner world is much richer than that of an average human. This is probably why cats can live their entire lives in an apartment - and still keep themselves busy with the use of their awareness to the external world.

Many of us may not know much like we tend to believe we do. Regarding the last example - we may know of the room we’re in, but even this knowledge is highly lacking, because of our lack of awareness to the subtlety the room contains. When we are to develop our awareness to the more subtle details of the room, we could see many things that were there all this time, but we were ignorant of them. Even a white wall can have much detail within it, and that detail, like any other, could teach us about the logic of things and beings.

When we are to increase our awareness, we can suddenly realize how much depth our lives have. Our natural tendency to see things as taken for granted, hinders that potential of optimal awareness, making us more ignorant of the length and width everything in the universe contains.

More awareness can therefore make us value more what we have and this existence in general. Everything and everyone are able to make us feel awe and fascination if we are to increase our attention to the Subtle Dimensions, something that can motivate us and keep our satisfaction at the midst of the more negative and grim layers our life contains to variated degrees.

The Way of the Philosopher lies within this insight. A good philosopher is a combinator of logical reasoning and a sense of awe in every detail life contains. This is because someone that lives a truly philosophical lifestyle is more aware to the Subtle Dimensions that many others overlook by submitting themselves to regularity, to conformity and to a machine-like way of living - doing the same things with minimal awareness.

I can say this: you can live the same routine, but extract awe from it by increasing your awareness to subtlety, making the inevitable routines of life much more interesting and vivid in your perception, as they weren’t before your increased awareness.

Listen, smell, taste, behold, touch and think - do all of these with increased awareness, and you might see how much fascinating they can be. Because awareness is subjective to the being, theoretically everything can be vivid the same as it can be monochrome. Enhance your external and internal awareness and your brain shall expand to bigger horizons and possibilities; some could be very practical, and others - simply make you feel better, if not thankful, for being amongst the living and not amongst the dead as of yet.


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