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The Usurper (Poem)

Updated: Feb 18

A sad man.

In November you'll be married,

Of that I don't really care,

But if a different fate was in share,

It'd be my ring you could've carried.

Strange how a different brain structure,

Can change the outside environment.

If it weren't for the government,

I'd be a domain-less master.

I could've been that man,

With the tie and the suit.

But of that I no longer can,

I'm forced to a different route!

If my social skills were not hindered,

They made me an outcast and a nerd,

I could've had a greater chance at,

Experiencing love greater than my cat's.

The disability which I dislike,

The Syndrome of Asperger,

Forced me a different hike,

That made you fade like a nightmare.

I now sit on a smaller throne,

A future I thought won't be my own;

A life that is now compromised,

Opportunities narrow before my very eyes.

But to be completely sincere,

I still wish to exist here.

Pity you'll never be my bride,

But from no truth I may hide!

I will try a different victory,

By proving you wrong when you belittled me;

I don't care how much time has passed,

Of my "irrelevancy" I never asked.

My disorder is my capability,

To focus on a different opportunity.

My love for women,

Exiled by philosophy.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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