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The Underestimating Trio (Video and Post-Commentary)

Updated: Apr 19


Apathy, detest, and everything that rejects These were the ingredients that have collided To be sent away by the perfect anti-villain trio But the universe cruelly Added an extra ingredient to the concoction Underestimating Thus, my antagonists have appeared Using their unease to dispose of me Sefi, Chen and Shar Have dedicated mere moments to undermine myself And my legacy to the world

I thought it was a good idea to forgive, to move on,

But regardless, I feel a deep, unexplained urge,

To take revenge on these three women,

Simply by proving them that they were wrong,

When considering my value.

I may live from welfare, live like a hermit and lack social understanding,

But At least I have my gift to write en masse.

From the solitude of my hermitage, I will leave a glorious legacy,

One that might even come to their own attention,

Without any direct involvement on my behalf.

Then, they will hopefully understand,

That Tomasio Rubinshtein is a good, competent philosopher,

Like some have already testified,

Who can contribute to the world,

As much as anyone with an actual, paying job,

And even more, perhaps. I might forever be ignorant of their reasoning of abandonment,

but what I can, at least, do,

is to be recognized by the world,

to the point that they (the trio) might recognize their mistake,

by realizing my true worth.

This will be my revenge, that for some reason I feel a deep desire to apply,

To inflict, on their minds and hearts.


A day has passed since the release of this video, and as I write these words. Society, you see, has made me a submissive person, and I'm done with being walked over by everyone, even by those who were nice to me. I'm done with being punished for who I am, for it is not my fault for having a certain, rejectable individuality, I did not choose.

Therefore, in order to exact my retribution on the so-called Underestimating Trio, I shall do so morally and without causing harm to anyone. No one can be harmed by my very own recognition, correct? The fact that the world has caused harm to me, does not mean I should do so to it as well. If so, all I can do is prove my worth, one more time.

I am not angry with any of these women, who, in my eyes, represent those who are quick to dispose. At least, I try not to. My own recognition will be my own sole victory over them, by continuing my service to the world, as a philosopher.

That is my personal aim behind all of this -- to show that I'm no longer the submissive, undominant, fearful student I was once; the socialization I have received, by whatever entity or entities, was more in favor of themselves than of me. This led me to see society as egocentric; as something that seeks its subjects to submit in its name; for them to keep things to themselves, which is ironic because the world is largely a union of democracies, and less of actual dictatorships.

Democracy does not begin and end at the ballot alone! People should feel free to extract their true worth from the world, if they truly feel they have been underestimated. It is a right, not a privilege, for we are not slaves! We have the freedom of expression, one of the most valued expressions of all! Those who over-submit, like I did once, fail to unleash their right of expression upon their environment, regardless of the consequences.

People should feel free to express themselves, and not fear being shut up by anyone, as long as democracy allows it. Not by other civilians, not even by family and friends (and former friends)!

Sefi, Chen and Shar (anonymity preserved)! You will see that I'm more than you might think of me! My desire for vengeance boils very deep, since I've had enough of being disposed of, all because my existence makes you uncomfortable or for other reasons.

While it is your right to choose what people you want in your lives -- people, are not, your disposable minions! No one in a democracy should be mistreated, for in a democracy, every citizen is equal, and I too am equal, regardless of my disabilities, regardless of my so-called irrelevance!

My victory over you will come when you finally realize that you were wrong. That is the ultimate purpose of public philosophers -- not only to write but also to have their writings make an impact on the world, however big, or small!

I care not how horrible a writer I may seem; I don't care how "disgusting" I may be due to my inherited personality! It is either this, or death, for I don't think of myself as much as you might think I do. I am but a communicator of my mind and its representative.

The more I write, the more presence my mind will have. Thus, whenever the time comes, my mind will stay while I go. I don't have a death wish at all, but it is the inferior alternative, to my occupation in life, to my minor purpose, in the grand scheme of things and beings.

You, will, pay, with, your, disillusionment. That is my purpose: to bring from delusion to possible truth, to a possible state of better understanding, to insight, or at least to something worthy to think about, to consider, to contemplate about; that is my role in my world, and that will be my role for those who underestimate my relevance, however moderate it may be.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

I am a philosopher from Israel, author of several books in 2 languages, and Quora's Top Writer of the year 2018. I'm also a semi-hermit who has decided to dedicate his life to writing and sharing my articles across the globe. Several podcasts on me, as well as a radio interview, have been made since my career as a writer. More information about me can be found here.

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