The 3 Values Against Negativity

The 3 Values Against Negativity

Whenever I encounter a form of negativity in the world I interact with, I cope with it by either three of these ways: logic, humor and apathy

Just yesterday a very-well known Israeli woman died and her death appeared many times on the news. She apparently died due to cancer. My mother took this very hard but since I know death is inevitable part of everyone’s life, whether that death comes from being an elder or by a disease or by any other way - death must come eventually. Due to logic, this negativity has been surpassed.

Just a few days ago we had a night where we couldn’t use the toilet because the plumber that came to fix it said so, as they said we can only use the toilet the next morning. Instead of making a big deal out of it I made a lot of toilet jokes. That is how this negativity has been surpassed by humor.

There are times were I experience gruesome nightmares, even though these nightmares are quite rare, although they begun to be more existent during this year, as opposed to the rest of my life so far, that was almost entirely clean from nightmares. In my last nightmare I have beaten myself to death, punching myself in the head with powerful fists in a black background where only I was present. This nightmare was probably a result of me playing a lot of Mortal Kombat. Now you see, when I woke up I didn’t care much, because it’s just a f*cking dream, and dreams are illusions. That is how I used my apathy to surpass this negativity.

So now you may know, that with the help of these three important tools, you may surpass any negativity you may encounter, only if your willpower to overcome it shall be strong enough.


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