Society as a Term of the Past

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Technically, there is barely such thing as a society anymore. What there realistically is, is individuals. The notion of “society” is either massively divided by minor subcultures, or completely non existent by those who submitted themselves to the advancements modernity, over the collective preservation that the traditional, pre-modern lifestyle, have enabled for hundreds or thousands of years.

Compare this situation with the “Fallout” universe, where everyone is on their own, only without the nuclear holocaust and with indifferent major governments

that allow you much freedom, to the limit of violating a law.

Today in my country there was a municipal election day. Because I was taught in school that it is a “civil obligation” to vote, I went to vote in what I found to be a densely-occupied institution. Factions among factions of divided people, advocating their representatives, tried to hand me what I believe to be business cards of said representatives, as they also tried to convince one another that “their” representative is the best ideal to be elected, out of the many candidates that raced for election across cities and local councils.

Every supporter, naturally, fights only for their own “master”, and indeed, an election day can be described as an egotistical fight for power, like it was in primal eras, only without the life-or-death situation. It is a multi-side battle when one attempts to overcome the another, and a sense of communion comes only in political alignment, in a world ruled by diversity, inter-personal apathy, and pluralism, three concepts that oppose a sense of universal communion, of belonging to something bigger than your and your fellows’ opinions.

I bet that these supporters and their representatives are more likely to care whom you’re voting for, than you as a human being, a possible claim that only strengthen my argument.

This is an example of how the notion of “society” is either densely divided by opposing factions that race for supremacy, power and control over others, or non-existent, in the form of people who chose to avoid the election (which I believe, in my country, to be usually almost a half of the population each year).

Thus, if my logic is true, then “society” is not going on a downward spiral, because it already did, in the form of the individualization of and the modernization of most of mankind, by abandoning collective traditions and by the increasing potential to live a solitary life, thanks to modernity, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

There is no self-recognizing, universal entity named “society” anymore, if there even was such an entity, and the term “international community” refers to world leaders and politicians, not the common man or woman, who are as diverse as those whom they elect.

So, to save oneself, the common sense of human survival is adaptation. There is no need anymore to seek collective identity, nor collective alignment. There is no need to marry, to have children, nor to have a social life, in order to survive in a world were you most likely won’t get killed for being you. The dominant influence of modernity, can be argued to be the discomposing of collectivism and of life-and-death herd mentality, where you indeed needed to dis-individualize yourself in order to avoid torture, imprisonment and execution.

Hence why countries like USA, Israel and Germany are so heavily diverse; the democratization of most countries lead to diverse intellectual freedom, and intellectual freedom is the bane of collectivity, that best operates on intellectual limitation and dictation. This is because keeping people in line is what a collectivist entity does best, in the name of ensuring its own survivability.


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