On Writing Courses

On Writing Courses

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Socially and traditionally, taking courses as a writer can indeed be important.

However, if we are to disregard these aspects, and focus on the aspect that is our money - in a world where you can be an auto-didact with the use of the knowledge accessible by the internet, spending money on information you can find through the internet - is largely a waste. That is because being an auto-didact in contemporary times is much more money-saving than purchasing information through courses - as an auto-didact with access to the internet and to libraries, all you need to pay for is your internet connection; a payment that you may indeed invest in nonetheless - so why wouldn’t you extract the optimality of your existent bills, instead of spending money on the traditional aspect of studying - courses, workshops and so forth?

As a writer myself I have never attended any writing course. Not because I didn’t had the money, but because I taught myself, through practice and through self-studying by reading, to be proficient in the art of writing - and no course was needed to be paid for in order to do so.

Ever since I was suggested, numerous times by my former university to “enrich” my knowledge in various subjects by directing me to the internet - my appreciation for academic and non-obligatory studies, has decreased significantly, and it’s not like one more degrees in philosophy would necessarily increase my potential to get a job. I know that I can work in writing without having a degree whatsoever, and the books I have printed are, or ought to be, a competent replacement for a one or more degrees, earned by paying thousands of shekels, including buying the necessary study books, waiting in the mail post for their arrival, paying for public transportation whenever a stressful test is to come and so forth.

To this day I remember a specific secretary in my university, that had the money to buy herself a necklace with the university’s insignia, colored in bronze or in gold, not sure which. I am pretty convinced that this luxury was given to her by the conformity of students.

Based on my personal experience and with the acknowledgement of the internet as the largest archive of knowledge created by humanity - why would one pay for studying a field, such as writing, one can learn by themselves? Being an auto-didact, after all, will not only grant you independence, but will also save you money.

And thanks to this realization, the savings my family has given me throughout my life, are no longer wasted by internet-present knowledge and wisdom.

Don’t fool yourself, therefore, because of habit and because of tradition - think for yourself how to earn what you wish to earn with the optimal saving of your time, money and wellbeing - peer pressure is not interested in the completion of your wallet, but in the completion of tradition that may or may not care for the money you have.


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