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On the Strive for Life Expectancy

Updated: Feb 23

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(2023 Note: There is no need for you to be concerned with my health. I am fine and whenever I need help I consult my psychologist. I'm reminding you that my personal experience is merely being used as an example for bigger ideas. From the specific to the general).

It is often said that a life of good health will increase the probability of us living longer than otherwise expected. Therefore, it is believed that we should improve our health for that reason alone, if not for other reasons as well. However, this logical structure fails to answer the following question: Why should one live beyond the age at which people usually die?

Of course, living longer would mean that we get to experience more of life, with all of its wonders and misfortunes. Still, this does not give an universal answer to the question, simply because not all people necessarily wish to live a long life. After all, living a relatively short life is the closest thing one could attain to suicide, should they be too displeased with their lives, with little alternative to improve it.

I myself am not a healthy person even though I try to live in a healthy manner. I almost entirely avoid sweets, go on a walk every once in a while, don't smoke, and so on. However, it still appears that I am growing bigger like my father and grandfather. Even though my grandfather has been living a very long life, I cannot tell if I will ever be able to reach his very old age. It seems that, despite my attempts over the years to exercise, my exhaustion syndrome succumbs me, leaving me paralyzed to my apartment.

What I am trying to convey is that, once a successor will be declared to this site once the time will be right, I guess I wouldn't mind living a shorter life, for it is a far better fate than suicide. Therefore, the conclusion might be sad and even controversial, but if one wishes to end their life (not that I do), most "noble" and "socially" acceptable way of doing so is to decrease one's life expectancy. Then, no one will see your death as tragic or too unfortunate than it already is.

The truth about people is that not everyone loves life, whether or not their reasons are justified by their circumstances. Thus, why expect everyone to desire to live a healthier life? It's not just about tasty food and enjoyable addictions; it is about shortening a period of probable suffering. This is why, as long as there is no universal imperative to live an above-average-long life, then there will be no potential to make every human want to live in a healthy manner.

As for myself, I mainly wait for inspiration to strike, to give me a reason to write articles such as this, and with each article being posted, I feel more inclined to believe that I have lived a well-lived life, and that the end -- whatever it may be -- is close. The only "problem" being, I am only in my early twenties, and thus I have a very long life to endure. That means -- more time to wait for the next inspiration, and the one after it.

After writing so much, I wish it would stop eventually, but I won't end it myself, as I justified why in other articles. I just... don't know why I keep living, after so many articles have been written. After all, beyond writing, I am merely wasting my existence in this world; an existence whom is too dysfunctional to be able to fully cooperate within it.

I am not pro-death or anything, but again -- why aspire for excellent health when living a long life is not at one's top priorities? Perhaps some religious folk may claim that, all existence is necessary, and people die only when a divine force desires so. However, if one's life belongs to him or her, it would only be natural to dictate not only how it would go, but WHEN it would go, as well.

Shortening one's lifespan through un-health, while controversial, is at least preferred to suicide, because when you kill yourself, you cause much misfortune to those who have known you, along with the stench of your corpse to your neighbors... and the work you're giving to others to take away your body.

When you live in lesser health, however, you at least get to enjoy life more, through its many unhealthy substances, from junk food to alcohol, and die knowing that you at least lived while having more of these earthly pleasures. It might be saddening to say, but by doing so you're basically hitting two birds with one stone, if a shorter life is one that you wish.

Why love life, you might ask? Life is not as ideal as it is to some people. For me, every day is a struggle to not get into a panic attack by sounds and by the little company of others I have left.

Since I cannot hold a job and refuse to marry, all I have left is to be a philosopher, and question the worth of this existence and of many of its components. I already have a monstrous legacy to leave after me, so I, at least, won't mind dying at 60 instead of, let's say, 80. Either way, the legacy will be left to the world, as long as I find someone compatible enough to inherit Philosocom.

I apologize for the grimness of this article, but I guess that I am a pretty grim philosopher.

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Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc
25 juin 2021

Living and existing are two different aspects of our Being I would suggest; one can live on top of existing and that is a better choice...

Mind you, making the choice to ignore our beyond the existential status only way of existing can be a choice which wiill bring a short term happiness because our soul or inner sense of living is fading away as we ignore this aspect?

I personnally think that living a long life is quite nice; as I am 73 years old now and being 50 years older than you can sure bring a different point of view?

I have experienced living a simple life and have learnt through life challenges that our bad moments most…

En réponse à

Thanks for commenting. I actually don't know what a badly-maintained body would bring as I am relatively healthy. However, as I look at my ancestors who are far less healthy than me, it doesn't seem that they suffer a lot due to their condition. I guess this is individual to the person in question.

My ambition to live a shorter life is, overall, to diminish time wasted on waiting for the next muse, and since I've written so much I wouldn't mind dying before your current age; I only live to write.


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