On Inspiration and Motivation

On Inspiration and Motivation

Updated: Feb 17

In order to increase one’s motivation and their feelings of inspiration, a reasonable amount of self-recognition and self-knowledge is required, because what makes one motivated and inspired won’t necessarily make the another just that. ​

Hence why seclusion should be utilized for one to better know themselves; what elevates their spirits, what makes them feel down, and so forth. Without the knowledge required about the self, one may be clueless in their quest for the energization of the self.

And should we not forget, that motivation is often a choice we make, and becoming passive by waiting for the motivation by itself, will not necessarily summon it to one’s mind.

While inspiration isn’t necessarily a choice, it can be an indirect outcome of searching something that will trigger the sense of awe that is inspiration.

I can at least speak for myself that I am motivated by logical reasoning. When I find something, through logic, to be beneficial and as less counter-productive as possible, that is often enough for me to commit to it extensively. Since logical reasoning won’t necessarily come to me, I instead search for it actively.

And when it comes to inspiration I simply search for something to trigger it as I wrote before, and that can be, for example, a musical piece or even a question on Quora. And as always, being passive will not likely to bring results as actively searching for it.

The choice of active searching comes from the logic that simply waiting for something to happen is more likely to be a waste of time than a beneficial action. Hence why self-discipline is also required for one to become actively motivated and inspired to do things they were initially too lazy or too unconfident to do by themselves.

This is also why a sense of self-esteem is also required, because the initiation of one’s active search for these values begins with confidence to decide to try things for themselves. Without a necessary amount of self-esteem one may be too afraid or too submissive to actively do so.

What I recommend for starters is to try and find music that will keep them motivated and develop a more positive, powerful and active mindset. Listening to empowering music can be very effective and very easy. I personally enjoy military marches, that can be very uplifting, motivating and inspiring.


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