My Opinion on Incels

My Opinion on Incels

My opinion on incels is that masculinity is more than just “getting game” and “getting hooked” and anything that is related to intersexual interactions, and thus that incels can still be masculine without getting their sexual ambitions actualized. Of course I am inferring to men, as I don’t think I have anything of value to offer specifically to female incels, which I heard are much rarer.

Even if it still may not be seen like it, being masculine, as life in general, consists more than just getting laid or generally getting one to lose their virginity. Those who claim that the point of life is sexual reproduction, ignore the other potentials life contains, along with the potentials of those who remain celibate, whether voluntary or involuntary. You can do much in life and still remain celibate.

I don’t think masturbation deserves the shame it gets from a normative point of view. Masturbation is basically autonomous sex. It is in my opinion a better option than raping someone and getting imprisoned, or going to hookers, which is a waste of money. There should be no shame in pleasuring oneself, because there is nothing to be ashamed of. To have interactional sex (which is what is usually inferred to by using the word ‘sex’) doesn’t make you a greater person than others.

Porn, however, is best to be avoided, or at least be consumed on moderate frequencies, as porn can make a person addicted to it. While I was never addicted to pornography, it is still logical to assume that it could lead to an addiction one could regret later in life, or during the period of addiction.

The fact that someone is an incel, is insufficient to commit any crime as a result of sexual frustration. There are therapists, psychologists and other consultants that one can use to assist said frustration. Of course masturbation, too, can decrease this frustration significantly.

To all incels that read this: you are not a loser just because you don’t have sex. You are not worthless nor a failure. Sex is just one aspect of life and it’s not even a requirement, even for reproduction, as there are other ways. Don’t be afraid of the possibility of masturbation. This activity, too, can relieve you out of misery caused by intense desire. Sexuality can be celebrated even without a partner nor a passing f*ck-buddy.

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