Isolation -- A Realistically-Partial Protection to the Corona-Virus

Isolation -- A Realistically-Partial Protection to the Corona-Virus

Citizens of the world,

An unexpected, yet terrible problem has forced itself upon us and upon our lives, a problem so dire it ruins entire financial systems and shuts down the lives of people and even a few nations. We now live in a world-wide emergency state, with no absolute guarantee that any of us will prevail the plague until hopefully a cure will be invented and successfully implemented.

However, even if we are unable to absolutely survive these dire times, we can nonetheless make some endeavour to protect ourselves as realistically as possible from the Corona plague, in hope that we'll be able to significantly decrease our chances of unfortunate infection. Even in these times of despair and shutdowns, we can still increase the probability of surviving as individuals through the power of solitude.

I will not say that this phenomenon is a good thing for my partially-isolationist philosophy of Rubinshteinic/Solitary Individualism, as that would be offending, but I will say that it seems that my philosophy of relative isolation and asceticism can help us all in enduring those hard times, if we are to discipline ourselves enough to isolate ourselves from the world until a medical solution shall be found. In other words, if we are to increase our physical involvement with the External World, we can have the opportunity to protect ourselves from possible infection that can be caused by countless interactions with others.

It is a time that we should abandon our quest for societal interactions and External-World-hedonism in the name of our health; a time to train ourselves to become more independent of those who might risk our health by infecting us, and take sometime within the Internal World, AKA, in the safety of our homes, apartments and rooms, until the plague will pass and the world will be restored to its original form of general safety.

By adapting the following habits during the attack of the Corona-virus upon the Earth, you too can increase your chances of enduring the global plague; habits that you might've disagreed with me to utilize before the disease's deadly spreading across the world. It is a time to open your heads for a more solitary, ascetic lifestyle, in the name of survival and in the name of doing your best to not risk infecting others as well:

* Be in the External World only when necessary. Minimize External interactions and use virtual communication more often.

* Avoid physical contact with other people. By touching other people, you risk their infection and vice versa. Abandon handshakes for simply greeting the person in front of you.

* Avoid finding yourself at large-scale gatherings. The more people there are in an open area, the likelier the virus will spread across the gathering at hand.

As it can be clearly seen, by avoiding unnecessary interactions with the External World, and by finding alternative solutions to communications such as the virtual world and technology, we can do ourselves and others the service of resisting the Corona-virus from spreading any further in the world, even if we will not be able to stop it completely. Isolation, therefore, is key even if it's controversial as a value and as a policy to follow.

As of now in Israel, there are around 140 infected people in a country that contains millions of people. Perhaps contrary to other countries, we Israelis are better at handling the situation, even if not entirely in a competent manner. I will also follow the philosophy I presented in this article, and try to isolate myself as much as necessarily possible from the world to do my service to both others and myself.

I wish you all to be healthy, strong and self-disciplined enough to successfully endure these dire times of escelation.


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