Is Masculine Culture Truly Being Diminished?

Is Masculine Culture Truly Being Diminished?

I wouldn’t say that masculine culture is diminishing. I would say instead, that the question of “how should men act” gets various of different answers by different subcultures.

The feminists say: “Men should be more emotional, more nurturing, more supporting, and less aggressive, less intimidating and less dominating”.

Traditional masculinists say: “Men should not give up to the pressure of feminists. Men should express their inborn masculinity, given to them by being men, and oppose anyone that tries to hinder their masculine behavior, because those who submit to those who hinder, are “beta males”, and not the “alpha males”, that get the most benefit between the two archetypes.”

And then there’s me, that says: “people should act and behave however they like to act and behave, without being limited by their gender. By being from whatever gender, you are not limited to behaviors of the gender you were assigned by from birth. Masculinity and femininity are therefore unlimited by one’s own gender - act in whatever fashion you prefer, as long as no unnecessary harm is made.”

With the rise of globalization and democracy, humanity as a global culture has became more and more diverse and divisive in their behavior and in their beliefs. Due to this global pluralism, there is often not a singular agreement to various of subjects, and one of these subjects is, indeed, gender-specific behaviors.

The thing is, however, that your gender does not limit you to have specific behaviors that are associated with whatever gender they are associated with. If some people want to have behaviors that are associated with femininity - so be it, because people can behave in whatever fashion they like.

The problem unnecessarily comes, however, when you are stressed to have behaviors that you don’t want to have. People may tell you: “You should act according to archetype ‘A’, because ‘A’ is more preferable than archetype ‘B’”, but then, other people may tell you the same sentence, but with the opposite archetypes.

In short, it seems that some people, consciously or unconsciously, use their liberty of expression, in attempts to limit other people’s liberties. Some feminists may use their freedom to condemn masculine behaviors in men, and some traditional masculinists may use their freedom to condemn feminine behaviors in men.

This pressure from various social categories - a side effect of democracy and globalization - seem to always delusion itself, that it knows the best for whoever it is thrown at.

But the truth is, however, is that everyone are capable, through self-recognition, to know for themselves what behavior is the best for them, AKA, what type of behavior feels for them, to be the most natural and honest way for them to be themselves, regardless of whatever pressure is being forced on them.

So to the question at hand - as I said in the beginning, it is not that masculinity is diminished, it is just that there are different viewpoints being advocated by different subcultures.

It is a struggle for ideological dominance in the External World - a struggle to determine how things and beings should be, by trying to get the strongest support, of whomever listens to you and consumes your content.

That is simply how a globalist, liberal world works - as a set of different competitions, being held without any supreme authority, deciding for us what is correct and what is incorrect. That is because, if such authority was present, this competition of ideological dominance wouldn’t exist in the first place.

That is, unfortunately, how human politics work - each ideology seeks to be the strongest in terms of following, and the issue of gender-specific behaviors is no different.

What I can say in recommendation is this - be aware of your liberties, regardless of the pressure other people force on you. The liberty of other people pressuring you, to act in accordance to their ideal interest, is also the same liberty, that permits you to create and to follow your own ideals, and to act in accordance to your own interests.

There is no law that orders to you submit to the pressures of any subculture and of any ideologies, whatsoever. Conformity, regardless of what it advocates, is of no such representative of this inexistent law.

It is just that some people are determined enough to resist pressures, and some people are not. Some men, in this case, are strong enough to resist the status-quo, contemporary feminism tries to create in the world, and some men aren’t.

It is, therefore, the question of how many those who prefer being masculine are strong enough in their will to resist the pressure of Neo-Feminism, that will indeed determine, the preservation of masculine culture in the present and in the future.


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