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For New Visitors -- the Philosocom Confession

Updated: May 6

For the new visitors of -- welcome to this domain.

I was once asked the following question: Is creating a legacy one's number one priority in life?

My answer was and is: Priority is subjective to the individual, unless we are talking about what it takes to survive in terms of sustainability. After the work has been done and free time has begun, each person is free to live their own private, “little” life.

For me, leaving a legacy has become the number one priority in my life once I realized that I am too dysfunctional for this world due to my disabilities. Women stay away from me, getting a driver's license is too stressful, interviewers reject me due to my autism, jobs exhaust me to the point of inability, and insults can make me scream in the form of a panic attack.

I am not "playing" the "game" of life as I am too incompetent at it, so I prefer doing what a true philosopher does: speaking the truth, logically or subjectively. And the truth is that I don't like playing "pretend" with anyone. It never felt right. Hence why I philosophize: to reach a state of full honesty, even if not everything is told, for privacy.

In the end, we ought to avoid lying when lying creates and spreads delusion in the world. Misunderstanding is also an enemy because it is also a type of non-truth, especially when the person who does not understand actually thinks they do. Clarity comes, therefore, only when we stop playing games, even if said games serve a specific purpose that might serve our interests well.

Hence why I will confess this: The Philosocom Confession. Other than writing and serving articles to the world, I have little reason to live. I have come to terms with the fact that I am too dysfunctional to be an average member of society, so I embraced the path of eccentricity instead. There is no other path for me that is available, nor probably will ever be.

Understand the hardships, and we should get along fine. The fact that I am dysfunctional does not mean I am not good at heart. You won't see me belittling or hurting others on purpose.

Just let me write my massive legacy until I die, and we all should get along just fine. Enjoying my content would also make me very glad, as I write for the world to enjoy and benefit from. I'm not your servant, but I am a kind of an intellectual volunteer. My legacy is essentially this philosophy blog. This empire. There are books, as well, but those are optional.

Let me and you enjoy the ride until the heart stops beating. I’m not waiting for that moment at all, but I am sure prepared for it, for I have this legacy that gives me, in my eyes, a reason to continue living, and also, the preparation for the inevitable. It may come tomorrow, or in a week, or even dozens of years into the future. I can at least testify that by creating a legacy, by leaving something you see as dear to the world, there is little fear for what is to come.

Those that may tell you, that they don't care about what others may think of them. This is all fine and well, but being remembered is only a part of the whole idea behind leaving a legacy behind. It's also about setting a value for others.

Some are fine with being "little", with being under the radar; being "insignificant". But I, after I realized I cannot fit in, am left with the choice of trying to achieve greater recognition. For some it might appear as a form of arrogance, but I, I cannot. I tried, numerous times, to conform, but failed. Why then, accept that failure, of constant rejection from others, when you can strive for something more than that? Why accept defeatism, when you have the right to be victorious, to not only live alongside your disabilities, but also prosper?

I don't know if we live only once; only those who returned from death and have memories of an afterlife can truly testify, and I don't know if there are truly any of those. But whatever the answer may be, waste is too hard of an option to those with the desire to not only be good, but spread it, across the globe.

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