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COVID-19 -- Go and Vaccinate!

Since there is no better alternative -- or any alternative at all -- to the COVID menace, the only solution to combat this pandemic is through vaccination. Whatever may happen to the human body as a result, it's a better solution than to just sit and spread the disease. Even though these vaccinations will not cure one completely, it's still better to be a bit more resilient to the pandemic than to have zero resistance against it.

Lockdowns are a logical result of the many those who refuse to vaccinate, and can hurt a country's both economy and employment rate. The longer and harsher are these lockdowns, the worse their impact will be on a not-sufficiently-vaccinated nation. Therefore, by refusing to vaccinate, the anti-vaxxers hurt not only the fight against the disease, but also the businesses of many, especially small businesses and freelancers.

If the anti-vaxxers had a better solution, or any solution at all, that will serve as an alternative to the vaccination, then maybe their position will be treated with better respect, making "natural solutions" such as good health or good nutrituions not very competent. Imagine how well the world will be, if fruits and vegetables would be as impactful as a disease-specific vaccination, but the truth is that as long as you don't have a small portion of the disease inside your body, you won't be able to combat such illnesses.

That is, after all, the point of any vaccination -- you inject a certain substance (like the one mentioned in this article) In order to give your immune system significantly stronger against certain threats, and thus you will have a better chance to combat it should it ever come to you. You don't have to be exceptionally healthy in order to fight diseases; I myself am averagely healthy and I rarely had any diseases over the course of my lifetime (along with my parents and grandparents, none of us which are very physically active or anything).

In order to fight the threat of COVID, the only solution by far is to vaccinate. The main problem, however, is that you cannot force people who don't want it to do it, because it's their democratic right to decide what to inject to their bodies and what not. The U.S had come with a certain... immoral method to increase the vaccination rate -- by bribing its citizens with certain things such as a free meal. My position on it is this -- while bribing should be considered illegal, I guess there are times where it is a better "verdict" than to waste human lives that could've otherwise been saved. It is a "shortcut" to convincing, and there could be times where it can feed the hungry, the homeless and the poor. Therefore -- it is better to save lives than to avoid harmless immorality.

As long as enough people won't vaccinate, the world will never return to the state it was before the global outbreak. Due to my own fear of getting the disease -- and thus risk my life and legacy -- I begun to isolate myself in my apartment, while I only get out when it's absolutely necessary. As I as told on local T.V by an expert -- the vaccinations are like the seatbelts in the car; while they won't necessarily save you, they can add much security.

I do wish to things to return to the state they were, so I will feel safe going out. However, as long as I have this site, should something ever happen to me, this whole site will be gone. This is why I take extra caution even though some may believe it's a bit too-extra. This is my message to you -- if you have something dear to you that might be gone if something will happen to you -- take extra caution with your life as you have more to lose than others. As long as this issue will remain in its current state -- then this extra-ness should be considered even more.

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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein, Philosocom's Founder & Writer

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