Counsel For Broken Societies/Communities

Counsel For Broken Societies/Communities

The following insights can help a broken society rehabilitate itself:

1. Those who think differently from you are not necessarily your enemies: Fighting each other just because of controversy in perception isn’t going to solve anything. Punching someone in the face won’t necessarily make them change their minds. Fighting as a solution to controversy is like a firefighter attempting to eliminate the fire using fire of their own - both aggressions from both sides can be compared to two flamethrowers shooting each other. Just because you are convinced your fire makes more sense than the fire of the other flamethrower user, won’t shut off that user’s flame; it would only create a one big fire that could burn you both. Tolerance is the tool of the wise person like water is the resource of the firefighter.

2. Open your mind to other possibilities: An isolationist attitude towards other beings and social entities would mean loss of potential of your own development. It is nearly impossible nowadays to preserve one’s cultural identity from blending with that of others, and why would you prefer do to it anyways, if other people could bring many benefits to your society, such as new ideas, new methods, more basic resources? This is why countries like North Korea are horribly poor - the fear of the governments of these countries to allow new people and new things to come in and enrich them - hinders their own progression. Exposure, even if it may cause some damage, could bring good change, from new perspective about life to resources that can aid a society and make it stronger and richer.

3. War is a waste of resources; trade is preferable: Societies declaring war on each other are more likely to bring them both down then to enrich one of the sides nowadays. War is a waste of valuable resources that could otherwise be spent on developing a society into new heights. Not only trade saves you people and prevent unrest and poverty - it could enrich your society if you are to consider optimal trade offers and develop resources of your own that other societies consume. That way - more than just one society gets benefitted, with much less costs than inter-societal conflicts would bring. Something stupid is, of course, to attack a society that is much stronger than yours.

4. Listen to the members of the society: This insight can be applied to any community - listening to the opinions and criticisms of others can prevent them from going against you as their leader and bring you down and generally lead to a state of anarchy. A team won’t operate nor achieve optimal results if the members are to ignore each other’s potential suggestions and criticisms. Every suggestion and every criticism, regardless of the way one delivers it in communication - can enrich the organization and lead to better operation and achievements. That’s why democracies with a democratic mindset are usually safer than dictatorships - the members of a democratic organization are relieved to be able to express themselves without fear of being threatened, and their expressions can contribute much to the entity they belong to.

5. You are not your society: Even if one values much their society to the peak of patriotism - too much attachment to one thing can lead you to go down with it once that thing is in demise. Even in an ethnically homogeneous society, there may still be different opinions and allegiances that could lead that society to different directions. Thus, a society is prone to constant dynamic alterations, many of which are not under your control nor even influence. Even if your society is to change in a way you dislike - your society, whether you’re its member or its leader - is still not your property. Instead, it is a collective product, making cooperation a necessity to successfully make advances and preserve the status quo. You may protest and view your opinion - but trying to take over a society in an undemocratic way could only make it even more teared apart. Make sure you don’t get attached too much to your society, like with anything else in life, because everything is prone to change and thus carefulness is highly advised to prevent counter-productivity.

I hope this article would be helpful and contributive to some!


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