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Condemning Facebook

Updated: Feb 4

Followers and contributors,

The potentially-most-large social media in the world, Zuckerberg’s Facebook, has proven once more to be an atrocious, power-hungry corporation, after they banned and removed all of the shares I did to my website’s articles, because, apparently, sharing any links from Philosocom, including its home page, goes against their “community guidelines”, even though there isn’t any inappropriate content there, whatsoever, as those who use my site can tell.

Therefore I theorize that Facebook, given that they make money off its user data by selling it to third-party entities, used the “community standards/guidelines” reason as an excuse to eliminate competition, AKA, to reduce the amount of users getting out of their site, in their attempts to unify the world under a single, centralized social network.

Hence why I suggest using plenty of other social networks out there; social networks that are more decentralized, more liberty-giving and less privacy-invading. You might be surprised, but there are a lot of such networks that can be much better than Facebook, both morally and practically, if larger portions of Facebook users would give them a hand.

Let us not give Facebook a hand in their quest to unify the virtual world at the cost of our privacy. Competition, while threatening, is a concept that exists, or should exist, in any modern, capitalistic society, and by the attempts of eliminating competition, power-hungry corporations can get one step closer to their campaign of dominance and monopoly on whatever industry they are directed towards.

And no, I’m not only saying so because of personal reasons. Facebook has been accused of atrocities before and their reputation, in my opinion, should be questioned.

For the time being I have moved from Facebook to a network known as “Ello”, a network targeted at content creators and their fans/followers. Momentarily, I will share this article there as well, so we all should keep a more-open mind when it comes to alternative solutions to Facebook.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day. Feel free to share this post if you agree with my point of view, or at least tolerate it.

As seen in this article's image, I have schedueled the permanent deletion of my account on Facebook.