"Bad Atmosphere" as Function and Dysfunction

"Bad Atmosphere" as Function and Dysfunction

The concept of “bad atmosphere”, AKA, the feeling of unease in a situation, can be a result of various intentions, and looking at this specific atmosphere itself, without further analyzing it and its roots, is inefficient, for not every bad atmosphere is a result of evil or harm, as the opposite could also be the potential cause and motivation of those who cause it.

It is possible to arrange a collection of the possible factors of things that create a bad atmosphere, into a few categories:

1. Trolling: Trolling is when the bad atmosphere is a result one or more people will to annoy other people for the sake of their own entertainment. Take note that this situation is not made for its own sake of being bad; it is merely a creation of entertainment over causing pain and annoyance to others through pranking them while finding their weak spots so they could powerfully press said spots until ultimate satisfaction is made for the trolls. While the intention is good (i.e, having fun), the deed itself remains bad (causing torment and mischief). In such case, trolling is simply annoying, and creating annoyance for fun has no legal consequences until the line is drawn to possible acts such as threatening, hacking, trespassing, vandalism and so forth; when the line is drawn the trolls need to be dealt with like any other criminal, even if the crimes have been committed on the internet. It is safe to assume that trolling beyond the term of legality can lead the victims to, for example, commit suicide.

2. Protesting: Protesting is caused by causing a bad atmosphere across the public and the authorities in order to bring a massage of opinion to the entirety of a country and even the whole globe. It is the unease that protesters make to encourage us to rethink our ways and consider to change them for a possible greater good. Such displays of protest can even be horrific and ugly, but the purpose of such displays is not to cause unease for its own sake, but to empower their massage in order to raise our awareness about the problems and issue we are presented with. While the noise and the distortion can be bad and threaten to break the stability of public order, it is simply a form of communication, a gesture, and such massages shouldn’t be blocked until severe harm is in potential to be made, which in turn could lead to a possible rebellion, and rebels are terrorists that took the way of the sword than the way democracy. Thus they should be dealt like with any criminal. Still, protesting by itself is an important gesture in the name of knowledge and awareness.

3. Eccentricity: The roots to a bad atmosphere in a situation is not always intentional, you see. The Ways of the Norms are not always natural for everyone, regardless of the levels of devotion and opposition altogether. Not all are attractive in both appearance and behavior, not all are funny and always fun to be with. Not all are wise and witty, and even those who are indeed so are not always like that. Eccentricity arrives with awkwardness and a potential desire for those who are evident of the eccentric, to reject them and stay with them no more. Should the eccentric and the strange be scolded? Should they be left alone without their consent? Eccentricity is merely a trait, not a source of evil, making their verdict relative to their specifics.

4. Agony: This is another example when the bad atmosphere is not intentional, or at least, entirely intentional. Extreme feelings can lead to abnormal behaviors. Then, it is not the causer themselves that are necessarily guilty, but the roots of their own emotions which caused them to outburst. In such case there should be consultation or, at least, some time and space to relax until the inner storm would leave one’s body, and to let the wounds it caused heal with some time alone, in a peaceful, or at least silent, environment. Such factor may also be a sign of suicidality, or at least despair. This cause does not necessarily made to harm anyone around. It is an inner expression that does not always have something to do with the External World and with the current situation at hand.

5. Pure Violence: This is possibly the most evil category of all possible bad atmosphere - violence for the sake of violence; causing pain in the name of pain. The only necessity of violence is to be used as a counter-attack, as a defense. Simply beating up someone for the sake of making them hurt and injured, for the sake of threatening the victim’s life and see them sink in deep physical pain for no reason that exceed its own - is a crime whose criminals need to be punished in accordance to the law. Also: beating up people due to their specific ethnicity, religion, nationality, some syndrome or disorder that they carry - is not justified for that person, that most of the time cannot do anything about said reasons even if they wanted to (except religion); it is like beating up someone because they was born with specific, involuntary and external attributes that don’t necessarily have anything to do with the individual themselves. It is beyond my understanding why violence should be done for its own sake or to someone just because some of their attributes are different than that of the ordinary. That shows how at times the ordinary could also be discriminating and cruel to those who don’t follow it or that are too different to be accepted by its representatives.

The bottom-line of what I’m saying is this: the phenomenon itself shouldn’t always determine the verdict of those who create it, since it is ignorant to do so, to block oneself from seeing beyond it, for seeing beyond and approaching the causer in accordance to their individuality, could logically have more potential to prevent such uneasiness and awkwardness to reappear in the future.


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