Anti-natalism and Its Current Relevance

Anti-natalism and Its Current Relevance

In whatever philosophical standpoint I choose to adopt, I always promote my advocations and their opposite, but only on behalf of my own, in a form of merely serving an example, without any will to force or even convince others to follow my example or not. Since every life belongs to those who own them, I see no reason that I should convince and/or force others to think and/or act like I think. Even when I see someone who thinks the exact opposite of what I think, I still welcome them, for their ownership of their own life, grants them the freedom to think whatever they want, in or without regard to what I believe to be the truth.

Likewise, I am an anti-natalist, but only towards myself. I guess I can be called therefore an “auto-anti-natalist”. To put it simply, Anti-natalism is the belief that reproduction is a negative or immoral thing to do; a belief that is very likely to recieve negative feedback because for millions of years reproduction has served a very vital activity for the continuation of humankind, and without it, by its entirety, we would've gone extinct.

However, by being an “auto-anti-natalist”, I don’t mean that I should’ve never been born; it is of the next generation I’m talking about; of my own next generation that is likely to not exist, due to my contemporary beliefs, in which I will soon explain in the attempt to justify my position in regards to the state of this current period we live in.

You see - even if I desire no romantic relationships, I still get children in some other ways, but refuse to be a parent even though I can, and probably be much more able and prepared to in the future.

There is the elephant in the room people may fear of admitting its existence, even though it has a lot of influence on most of the world’s population - the elephant which is over-population.

I had an interview once, in a nearby city that is not that far from my own. For like half an hour or more I was yet to exit my own neighborhood, and even the highway, which is supposed to be fast, was very densely occupied.

This is the state of things and beings at these times, in a first-world country whose population growth is equivalent to that of a third-world country. Now imagine, when a kid of mine will be the same age as I, how much it will take them to exit their own neighborhood by either a bus or by car.

This is insane, and the blame is to take for over-population; of creating more people than the world at his current state is able to handle, and a problem that may only escalate in the future at this current rate.

Just imagine a world where choosing to be single, or, at least, choosing not to have kids at all, become acceptable like any other lifestyle that is considered normal. The decrease of birth can give much to a world that slowly decays to the industrial innovations and expansions of mankind.

“Everything counts in large amounts”? Sang Depeche Mode? How much are we, as a collective, willing to sacrifice of our wellbeing and of the globe’s health, just to be considered as much normal as possible, and as least eccentric as possible, just to be “count” and accepted?

I see no problem staying childless in a world that does not need anymore humans abroad its surface; that does not only does not need, but has extra population, that is overweight of population?

My anti-natalism is a contemporary anti-natalism; a belief that relates negatively to human existence not in general, but on a specific, chronological and temporary viewpoint. Human existence is not necessarily inheritably bad; it is that more and more of it, in a global state of over-population, is bad, when we are to logically look on the long-term.

In other words, should we as species reduce reproduction on a global scale, we have the opportunity to oppose the modern problem of over-population, and get closer to the healthy balance between man, world and nature. However, since I am an author and not an authority on anyone but myself in regards to such personal issues such as sexuality, all I can do is to warn about the negative consenquences of over-population on both global and day-to-day measurements.

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