An insight and a Test

An insight and a Test

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Greetings, audience. I have an insight to share; an insight that I have acquired thanks to something that happened to me yesterday.

Yesterday I have tried to compose a track for 7 hours straight - from around 6 pm to 1 am - just to have, suddenly, the software I have used, crushed, and unfortunately I have barely saved the file, so many of the progress I have acquired in these 7 hours, have gone kaput.

The thing is, I was too tired to make the loss feel significant to me. Then, I realized, that, logically, it is I that ultimately decides whether some event is significant to me, and how much significant does it hold for me.

Perhaps, if I wasn’t that tired, I would’ve made the loss much more significant, and I would have been much more frustrated - but nonetheless, it is I that, in the end, decides how much significance things and beings hold for me, and there isn’t really an objective criteria for emotional value, making the emotional value we put into things and beings, everyone’s individual choice.

According to this logic, everything, regardless of what are we discussing about, is not that important, and, at the same time, not that insignificant, like we portray it to be.

Therefore, whenever we lose something, the decision of what will we think about that loss is largely in our own responsibility. We are just socialized to believe the value we put into specific things are more than of our own relating.

Based on this insight, I offer you all a test, to prove your emotional resilience in the dynamic continuum of existence: Dedicate a lot of your time into making something or progressing in it, until the point you find yourself, through self-awareness, become emotionally attached to it - then destroy that something, or delete your entire progress in it.

That way, you will learn that even the things that are most valuable to you, aren’t actually a part of yourself, even though you may hold them dearly to your identity, and to your sense of self-worth.

If you are to ever initiate yourself in the test I have made for you, please share your experience if you’d like.


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