A Few of My Ideas on Improving the World

A Few of My Ideas on Improving the World

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

There are a few that I am willing to offer for the improvement of the world: ​

1.We are quick to jump into conclusions and generalize our thoughts on people based solely on one or two pieces of information we have about them. Looking for more information through research can be beneficial to avoid false generalization about people before commenting about or to them.

2. The fact that something feels good for us, doesn’t mean it actually good for us. In many cases the opposite is true. Should we look beyond the good feeling of consuming something, we would be more conscious of whether or not should we actually consume it, especially if it’s something addictive. People’s lives were ruined or at least deteriorated because they didn’t surpassed the good feeling caused by harmful things.

3. We shouldn’t fear speaking up our minds when we believe we have a good reason to do so. The fact that people might insult or ridicule us for doing so doesn’t mean we should avoid expressing our opinions in a world that largely gives us the right to do so like everyone else.

4. We don’t necessarily need romance in our lives in order to live a fulfilling life, nor children of our own as well. This is simply just one of many options available for us to do so, and the fact that it is the most orthodox one, doesn’t mean that it is the only or the best one.

5. There are many occasions in life that are just not worth our anger and stress over. We shouldn’t trade our inner peace for minor discomforts with others, especially occasions that are already over and are in the past.

6. Likewise, we shouldn’t overlook the moments where we are most peaceful, happy and satisfied, in the name of their polar opposites. Consciously thinking about the good things we had and are having in life can be a long way in helping us feel better and happier.


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