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10 Words of Wisdom to Consider

Hereby an article I have to offer to the world, whose content we should all consider; words that might be helpful for theoretically everyone:

1. Appreciate the small steps of advancement, because even if they are not grand enough, they are better than no advancement at all. Appreciate them enough and they will make you happier unlike if you are to take for granted a more significant advancement.

2. Accept the possibility that you won’t always have something to talk about with those who are close to you. Accept the periods of silence and don’t be stressed out. It’s only rational that there are times where further topics of discussion are temporarily absent.

3. Know the difference of when apologizing is deserved and when it’s useless. Small things don’t need to be apologized for like large-impact mistakes that could’ve been avoided. Suck it up and accept the blame with respect and tolerance. Don’t seek another to take the blame when you can increase your own maturity by taking responsibility.

4. The same goes for guilt. There are things that even if are yours, you are technically not guilty for doing them. You are not guilty, for instance, for being deaf, and mistakes that occur due to being deaf shouldn’t be regarded with guilt.

5. Should you be required to take medication, don’t miss this opportunity of helping yourself feeling better. Even if it but delays the symptoms and not cures them entirely, it is still better than living within said symptoms.

6. By accepting the inevitable and regular pain of life, enduring it shall become easier than before. Not all pains are evitable or unnecessary, and this type pain can be utilized for growth in many aspects.

7. Take the extra mile to challenge yourself whenever doing so benefits you more than the opposite. If you are a writer, expand the amount of writing you usually, and your brain will become stronger as well as your self-discipline and persistence. By taking the extra mile we learn to grow beyond the capacity of our momentary desires, something that in return grows our independence from them


8. Don’t overwork in whatever you’re doing. Explore yourself in order to decipher how much it is healthy for you to endure. Don’t feel unfortunate when others have a greater capacity in the aspect of endurance; too much overwork and you might unnecessarily harm yourself.

9. A person isn’t valued by the amount of views and followers they have on social media, but on the depth of the content they provide. While views and followers are beyond our control, we do have control over the quality of content we provide.

And finally,

10. Don’t believe everything you are told. Suspect, doubt and research for better validity of given information. Without doing so it is easy to fall victim to incorrect rumors.

If you have found these words of wisdom to be beneficial for you, feel free to share it with your friends, family or social media; who knows, perhaps you'll be able to create a change in their lives to a degree.