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Auto-Dictaturum is is about a philosophical archetype I’ve created, The Auto-Dictator, which was inspired by Nietzsche's “Superman” from his book, “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

Like always, the book is very complex and academic, and it would be very exhausting for me if I were to translate it all to English. However I am willing to translate at least the book’s introduction, which also contains all the key terms and their explanations, which is crucial to understand the concept of the “Auto-Dictator”.

Before I’ll begin my translation of the first pages, I should state the following: the entire book is one big metaphor to politics, and to be specific, to the field of dictatorships. The reader may be called “Generalisimo”, their body and mind shall be called “your state” or “the auto-dictatorship”. It should be noted that only infer to actual dictatorships and nations when I state that they are non-figurative.

Another thing that should be clarified, that the extensive usage of “auto” refers to only one of its meanings, which is “self”, even though the Auto-Dictator may be, at times, be described as a “machine” on the industrial  level.

I wish you happy reading, and enjoy the fruits of my translation! If you’d like me to translate more of the book, feel free to contact me via private message or the comment section.

Introduction + Key Terms

Citizens of the world and the state; statesmen and stateswomen and the leaders of yourselves! We gathered here in this format of book in order to discuss something of importance, which, I assume, can contribute much to the human society and to its continuous design, after hundreds of years after these very lines.

I, T.A.R.S (my full name’s acronym), would like to continue Nietzsche’s way where he ended it before more than hundred years ago, in the discussion of the struggle of the great, righteous and evolving individuality; to inherit his theory and to develop it for a better and benevolent future; a future of liberty, autonomy, uncompromising willpower and self-authority. The great Nietzsche discussed a lot about the “Superman”, the entity which was graced with the rare trait of evolving beyond its simplistic and earthly humanity, and to live a life under the wings of self-dictation and the total liberation from the services and the authorities of religion, which constantly, according to him, dictate to the morality of slaves and to absolute obedience to external and abstract forces. As said before, over hundred years have been passed since the death of the great prophet of individuality, in which he effortfully fought throughout his life against his sickness by the written word, in order to promote humanity, and to lead it beyond its human, moral, good and evil limits.

I, however, by writing this book, I shall dedicate my life to the rise and the prosperity of the individualism, for it to be liberated from the abstract chains of the enslaving and limiting social consciousness - in the name of further evolving Nietzsche's theory of the rise of the “Superman”. There may be people that might see my craft, written with no financial reward, strange and even obscure and radical; they might claim that my arguments do not come in correlation with the reality and the social norms, and I might be classified as an extremist and even as an anarchist. However, I allow myself to claim that it is forbidden in no way to limit my or any other person’s right of speech and expression, regardless of one’s system of beliefs and the value of their messages, unless they are potentially dangerous or harmful to a person or a society’s security and safety. This is because further opinions, without dangerous potential, never sabotage, but add and enrich humanity regardless of their content but to their essence and to the right which justifies it.

I thus present to my audience, a person which is found beyond the “Superman”; to the meta of the meta of the human organism. I may not be a prophet and I lack para-normal abilities to predict the future or have control over it - but it is of my passion in my heart to have the ambition to contribute my efforts to the global individuality and to promote the individual and the conscious autonomy of every man. I thus present to you a new archetype which was educated - or self-educated - under the wings of liberalism, independence of self-authority; an archetype whose only enslavement is expressed under the written and official laws of the state they live in and nothing else; a person whose only official and legal leaders have the authority to tell them what to do, while they do not surrender to any external authority in which does not hold a legal position and status; a person that does not allow even their unwanted urges and feelings to govern over them. I discuss about a ruler, which is also a judge, a legalizer and an executioner (in the sense of executing ideas, not people) that it is not enough for them that they live according to their own standards; their standards work according to them, when everything controllable that exists in their body and mind have to possess their own permission or influence; a person whose authority on themselves and their merits comes from their department of awareness. I discuss therefore about the Auto-Dictator, or the self-ruler. With this archetype I suggest for other’s practice, every person is allowed to be one, regardless if they are currently independent or dependent, not less and not more than every other person, to this potential of self-authority and to this state of wisdom, insight and control.

If Nietzsche discussed in his theory about self-legalization, then I disagree with him on the following topic: that it is not enough in self-legalization, because it can also characterize the legislative as a president of a republic and a democracy; I claim, in contrast to Nietzsche that self-legalization does not need to be done by a prime minister or a president that was chosen by its citizens - but by an absolute tyrant which is above their own law, and whose every cell in their body, every thought in their brain and every emotion in their hearts - they shouldn’t be those that grant them the right to govern - his own authority is to be potentially irresistible - it should be the legalizer and the charter-giver to the existence of the body, the thought and the heart. Just like a head of a monastery possesses the control over the voice of their monks and nuns, the auto-dictator is the one to control the existence of each and every component which contain their physical and mental structure - and not the opposite.

The modern people are mistaken in their belief that a spontaneous and intuitive activity is the essence to the human freedom; the spontaneous and the intuition are like drugs that are taken by the addict in order to experience joy and enthusiasm, and thus the ruler is not the hand which inserts the drugs into their mouth, but the drugs themselves, and their desperate dependence over them, are the ones which technically govern in the addict’s spirit.

I do not afraid to claim the following: that the individualistic society is, theoretically, a society which can be compared to thethe addict's addiction, and not to the autonomous being. Therefore: in the ideological and general state of our hedonistic society, we are not autonomous beings, but “addicts” in masks of autonomous beings. A person which claims that they “want” to do something, is themselves enslaved to their desire; the lover is a slave of their love interest, and the one that does whatever they like is a mere submissive minion of the their tyrannical will.


In this case, Nietzsche was right: society is indeed a collective whose majority are slaves, and if they are not slaves of an external factor or entity, it is inevitable that they are slaves to their internal factors: to the authority of the thought, emotions and sensation in which they do not question.

But the auto-dictator - their internal components are themselves their slaves, tools and puppets which are hanged on strings they hold with their very own hands. I wonder, unsarcastically, who was the ignorant that devised the plague-like idea that the internal “demands” are equivalent to freedom. Nevertheless, the law of the model in which is shown and explained in this book is the archetype themselves, whereas their minions are his own internal components, whether physically or psychologically, which are forbidden by right and law to doubt the will of the auto-dictator - themselves, the aware entity - they themselves are equivalent to an unquestionable law.

The individual with a naked eye shall ponder: “What is, actually, the difference between the rulership of the internal component on the person and between the rulership of the exact person on the said components? Aren’t the internal components are a part of the individual, or to be more precise - the person themselves?”


It can be explained by this analogy: order for the slave to submit to their master, the master ought to oppress their subject and limit their freedoms. for the human pack leader to express their authority.

To the canine-like pack member - the pack leader ought to oppress them for their sins regardless of how much innocently and powerlessly the slave externalizes their sadness or fear. The same is with the auto-dictator; they shall present their authority on their own urges. This is because for them to preserve their throne they ought to depress, restrict and even alienate on their opposing urges, if not, radically speaking, torture and deny their existence or to the reason they have awaken inside the individualist.

Second of all, even to this progressive and benevolent era, there is no exact definition about the individual’s identity. It is possible to claim that the individual is their body and brain, but both the body and the brain work without the total dictation of the person, and there are times where they are independent from the person themselves, which may contain at least some control over them. Therefore, throughout this entire book I shall assume that these organs necessarily separate from the individual, while the individual themselves, their “self”, is expressed from their being as an aware entity, and it is the supreme right of the aware entity to gain dictatorial control over their unaware components of their being, or at least affect them to an extant. This separation which exists between the aware entity and their subconscious, involuntary and uncontrollable components, obligates those who aspire to auto-dictatorship, to bridge these gaps and to unite them under their absolute and unquestionable authority.

Health specialist would probably claim that the theory in which I suggest is unhealthy. However, why isn’t it healthy of we as citizens and as family people, at frequent times to alienate our own will in the name of collective benefit? Does the average student goes to school because we wants to? Does the patient consume bitter medicine due to will? Does the parent truly wishes to punish their kids? Absolutely not! You claim that our will expresses our freedom, but I claim on the contrary that the will is nothing more than slave which pretends to be a tyrant to those that learned to obey the said will blindly. Do you think it is willpower which motivates me to write these lines? No. If I am to obey my will, I would be a weak, obese, drunk and less intelligent person. Our willpower is a limitation which prevents us to actualize the optimal potential which internally exists each and every day of our lives.

Have you ever heard about a factory which gives salary to workers which choose not to work? Not only it would be unfair, but also many potential amounts of production would be lost due to blind obedience to the “good” feeling.

This is why we are a society of slaves, because we tend to do what we “want” even if our will dictates us to commit evil and self-harm. Why thus should we trust an entity whose existence and its nature we cannot choose, and even can harm us? Thereby comes the time to elevate beyond every leg, arm and heart - and to settle on the throne that exist on our heads and to look ourselves from the top towards the bottom - like the glorious observer in a military parade, we are, with our full potential force on our own urges to march and march across our metaphorical countries, without any need to consider their personal and independent thought. For me, I may experience exhaustion and the temptation to be lazy - but I shall not surrender to this experience, and I shall continue to write until my last day of living! This is because the auto-dictator, with the power of their wisdom, prevents their troops any independent thought from the central body of being which is you - the aware entity. Each and every single cell is at the godly mercy of the auto-dictator!

This book is definitely one big metaphor to describe the potential each and every one of us can reach and actualize through merciless struggle against the internal components which we tend to see as our liberators, while in practice they are nothing more than tyrants we have learned to blindly obey. It is important to mention that this is not a self-help book; my writing does not replace psychological and psychiatrist services. I have no authority as a phycologist or as a psychiatrist.

I discuss about a theory it may be hard for westerners to fully digest, and even though I believe every one has the right to achieve the theory of the auto-dictatorship in their lives, not everyone is strong enough in order to combat our internal components for the reign of the auto-dictatorship. Furthermore - it would be harder to be victorious over them after struggle.

I do not intend to correlate myself and my theory to reality, but to work to change it and thus to actualize my life instead of wasting them uselessly due to pleasure, laziness and idleness. As we shall observe in this book, even these components are enemies even though they make us feel better with ourselves.

Those that I wish to thank are not alive; Aristotle that spoke abut realizing the life of merit; Hobbes that believed in dictatorship, egoism and social contract, Locke that advocated for our natural rights and, of course, Nietzsche the glorious philosopher that in my point of view is a role model and a source of extensive inspiration. All my thanks are given to them and for inspiring me to actualize myself as a philosopher that may be remembered in the memory of the future generations not because who I am but because the ideas I wrote under the printed word, whether by renown or infamously…

My readers, as I wrote in the prologue, this entire book is written metaphorically. Therefore I have decided, like in Hobbes’s “Leviathan”, to open my book with a list of key terms in which their clarification would contribute much to your general understanding of my theory. These metaphors are originated from politics, diplomacy and so forth, so it is crucial to clarify them for those that might see these metaphors as non-metaphors.

The Auto-Dictator: The auto-dictator, as the name goes, is a person which dictates themselves what to do and how to behave in the autonomous level (“dictator” from the word “dictating”). This title belongs to the aware entity, which is our self-conception and our consciousness (assuming that we are our awareness). This is because the aware entity is the one which rules its body and therefore it has the privilege to be the justified ruler over the rest of its components.

The Individuum Constitution: The “constitution” is a metaphor to the rules which are created by the auto-dictator, in which according to them they act in order to preserve their internal rulership (i.e, controlling themselves). This constitution is singed only by them, a gesture which grant this document a right to allow the auto-dictator act the way they act, and thus be above it. Since the “constitution” grants the auto-dictator the absolute right to be the legal tyrant, their “minions” (as shall be further explained) have no right to protest against it or to shake its stability. The only right of said “minions” is to allow the auto-dictator to rule overthem and to oppress them if they are to protest their dictatorial law. This constitution is called that way because it is the contract and the condition to establish an internal union between the auto-dictator and their body (“individuum” from the term “in-dividuality” or the absence of dividuality). It is, crucial to state, a one-sided contract, because the “minions” have no right in contrast to their leader.

The “Government”: Just like a non-metaphorical government is the representive of the leader, this metaphorical “government” of the auto-dictator is the tool which through it, the auto-dictator establishes and enforces their rulership. In other words, the “government” is the sum of the individual’s internal abilities to design themselves the way they wish to do so.

The “Dictator-State”: A nickname to the body and mind of the individual, the “territory” which is positioned under the absolute rule to of the auto-dictator; a nickname to the regime whose only authority is the aware entity, whose law is absolute.

The “Minions”: A nickname to the body (or, to be more precise, to the sum of the body’s cells), which are subject to the authority of the auto-dictator. Similar to the “dictator-state”, the “minions’ are a metaphor to all the individual’s body cells. Furthermore, there is no direct interaction between the auto-dictator and the “minions”; their mediator is the “government”.

The Economy of Discipline: The “currency” which motivates the “dictatorship” and its existent entity, as alive and dynamic. With the use of the “economy of discipline”, the auto-dictator enslaves their “minions” to achieve their individual ambitions and goals. The more the “dictatorship” has more discipline, the more it shall be powerful and prospering, more than a “dictatorship” whose discipline is lower and fewer (it can be comparable to “rich” and “poor” real-life countries).

The “International Stage”: A nickname to the social environment which surrounds the “dictatorship”, which consists of other “dictatorships” which interact with each other and manage different relationships, while the prime of these interactions is based on the “economy of discipline”, which by it they cooperate, create alliances and unite against common enemies. “Dictatorships” with richer discipline have more influence and power over other “dictatorships” due to the determination the said discipline contains.

“National-Level Issues”: A nickname to inner obstacles, physical or mental, which disrupts the auto-dictator to achieve their personal goals.

The Totalitarian Principle of Autonomy: An elementary concept in the theory of auto-dictatorship. This principle says that the more a person in independent in various of fields, the more “pure” would be their self-actualization, from the intervention of external entities. The more social-based and collective-based, the more this actualization would lose its “self” in the name of collective cooperation. This principle also claims that the ambition for totality in the frequency of independence, shall lead to a more optimal actualization of the inner potential which is found in every individual.

“Inner Components Democracy”: This is the title for the state where the individual is found before auto-dictatorship is achieved. It is a state where the aware entity has no optimal control over itself, and, instead they are ruled by urges, passions and so forth - a state that lacks an optimal, inner-cohesion, and thus the aware entity loses its control over itself and the personal ambitions they wish to achieve. This is because that in this “regime” of “mental democracy”, the economy of discipline is low, and is not effectively distributed in the various areas required for a life of totality-seeking self actualization to be “pure” from others.

Mental Campaign: A nickname for the ambition of the individual to prosper, evolve and develop more and more, to beyond the proportions of society; a state where the individual is not satisfied from what they’ve achieved so far, and thus wishes to exceed the limits of their current self-actualization as a means of developing their merits and potential. It can also be called the “œdark side of the autonomous dictatorship”, depending on how you look at it.

Self-Professorship: The state of mind whereas the aware entity a wide and round understanding on itself in various of fields, and therefore - a state where it becomes an expert over its functions, talents, personality and the inner potential it contains (See Hermitericum - the article about this term is not translated to English yet. Message me if you wish to see it translated).

Para-Utilitarian Policy: A term that comes from the word “utilitarianism” (the ambition to the maximum of “good”), and “para” (a prefix which grant the concept higher importance, such as paramedic, para-professorship, para-psychology and so forth). In other words: It is a philosophical plan for a geneal future, where the individual auto-dictator aspires to actualize themselves beyond “good” values such as happiness, justice, righteousness and so forth; the value of creation as a final product, as a result of aspiring to maximum, is in their eyes, more important than the moral “good” of the general society that product can bring. In other words: the notion that an individual creates something, which becomes an object with an existence of its own, is more superior (or more important), than bringing moral “good” to others, as a higher goal. This concept has a direct connection to the totalitarian principle of autonomy, and can also be related to existentialism, which claims that the existence of an object or an entity, contains higher importance than the essence it was created for.

The “Zombization” of the Individual Consciousness: A nickname to the process of intellectual degeneration of the human mind into lower and more simple level of thought due to the spreading and development of the technology of communication, due to the gradually-decreasing need of the average human being to practice higher levels of thought in different intellectual fields and subjects. This need is being reduced, according to this term, due the gradually-dominating control of technology in the different thinking skills of humans, until to the state whereas the average person shall not be able to fully think for themselves, let alone have high-order developed skills of thinking.

Teleological Probability: The rational option (i.e, the option of the individual to reach its probability as a result of thinking and logic, rather than pure experience), that something shall happen NOT on the validity of the action itself that led to its actualization, BUT the probability of its own AS A RESULT AND THE GOAL OF THE ACTION (tabs used to help understand this concept). This is because self-actualization can be used for multiple, more actualizations, so the deed itself does not necessary in the determination of the result and goal which is the value of self-actualization. This concept is suggested in the book as a replacement to will as a source of motivation to perform different actions.

(FOR EXAMPLE (spontaneously given through writing this post): I may not want to go to the gym and exercise, but the IDEA that I shall become more healthy, fit and strong, motivates me to constantly extract the potential of my gym membership, regardless if I want to go to the gym or not).

Meta-Voluntary Actions: The title for the actions whose motivation to be executed by the performer does not come from will, or completely from will, but from motives which are originated from considerations and contemplations. The auto-dictator is someone which performs their actions from thinking that works according to the totalitarian principle of autonomy (see the term above), and in other words, from the ambition to reach the maximum of production, regardless the existence of willpower and its dominance over the course of actions.

Law of Self-Actualization: An elementary law in the life and the general belief of the auto-dictator: to aspire and actualize themselves as the main purpose of their existence. This law alone claims that self-actualization can be executed in various of ways by various of actions, whose origin begins over the aware entity’s control over its body and mind, and without the body and its basic organs (arms, legs, brain and so forth), there is no option for self actualization, or, at least, to “pure” self-actualization.

Inner-Fog Elimination: The title to the function which is fulfilled by remaining static (doing nothing), in the development and in the exposure of the aware entity to the potential it contains. The term “inner-fog” is a metaphor for the lack of deep knowledge and the lack of recognition of the individual with themselves due to the continuous attention to external stimuli, as a distraction which serves as a barrier between the individual and their merits and talents. An optimal recognition by the individual of his potential is vital for a totality-seeking self-actualization. This process, which is done in seclusion, is meant to gather internal (or self) information on the individual by themselves (it is logical that eliminating the fog would lead to better exposure of information the said fog has hidden).

The “Holy-Trinity” of individuality: A mathematically-immeasurable whose purpose is, by introspection, for the individual, as both the researcher and as the experimented, to check how much they are distinct from other individuals, and, thus, to check how much of an individualist they are. This indicator is based on the following three components: the psychological level (the structure of personality and the depth of the thought and the inner world of the individual), the ideological level (the level of difference and the distance of the individual’s perspective on life from socially-accepted beliefs, and also the level of doubt the individual uses when they think about said socially-accepted beliefs), and - finally - their level of merit (the level of self-actualization and its “purity” from interpersonal intervention which is non-vital for the individual-actualized and actual product, created by the private and distinct merits of the person).

Tomasio Rubinshtein's forth book, "Auto-Dictaturum, On the Ascetic Overman". The book expands on Rubinshtein's philosophy and gives its own verison of Nietzche's "Overman" idea.
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