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Tomasio A. Rubinshtein is an Israeli philosopher and writer. Born in the 90's of the previous century, he wrote many books, mostly of philosophical nature, starting from the age of 15. He is primarily known from his participation on Quora, where he answered questions of people across the globe. A lot of his English content is a product of his voluntary services to this respected site, where was also declared one of the site's Top Writers for 2018.

Currently to the first half of 2019, Rubinshtein has written a total of 8 books and published 6 of them, 4 in Hebrew and 2 in English. The last two, however, are his biggest books in terms of content.

A firm believer of individuality, he resigned from his academic studies, and chose to go his own way as an independent philosopher, believing that one doesn't need an academic degree in order to be a philosopher, giving Socrates and Nietzsche as examples.

On April 2019 he founded, a site dedicated to many of his articles, which he updates on a regular basis to this day (September 2019).

Regarding his education, he has fully graduated highschool and attended a few courses in philosophy at the Israeli Open University. In addition he has won 3rd place in a local writing contest for high school students, and have reached the finals of an English speech competition at Jerusalem.

Rubinshtein has also been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 13, and served at the Israeli National Service for a year.

As of 2019, Rubinshtein manages a community on the Quora website, composed of dozens of thousands of followers, dedicated to the sharing of insightful content.


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