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About the Philosopher

"Even if you’ll try to bring down my spirit, I will rarely despair as I have decided to put my very own life at stake. Therefore, there is only room for improvement, or there is death. Since I don't want to die, I will resume my craft"

-- Rubinshtein's bio on Quora.

"Tomasio is a great philosopher we can all relate to"

-- Michelle Contreras Ewans, writer and researcher.

"I see in you a beacon of hope for the distressed. Your courage, perseverance  &  fortitude is a shinning example for those who fail to see light at the end of the tunnel. The Sun always shone after the dark night!! I wish you to worship the Sun which as Khalil Gibran said is the Eye of God in the sky. In the beginning all religions admit there was nothing. Hence they started worshipping nature & transformed into symbols of strength."

-- Dr. S. K. Pachauri, Indian scholar.

Tomasio A. Rubinshtein is an Israeli philosopher and writer. Born in the 90's of the previous century, he wrote many books, mostly of philosophical nature, starting from the age of 15. He is primarily known from his participation on Quora, where he answered questions of people across the globe. A lot of his English content is a product of his voluntary services to this respected site, where was also declared one of the site's Top Writers for 2018.

Rubinshtein has written and published 7 books in Hebrew and English, mainly on the topic of philosophy, with the last published book being a collection of a few short stories and poetry. All can be bought as E-books in his E-book store on PayHip (the link will be at the bottom of this description).

A firm believer of individuality, he resigned from his academic studies, and chose to go his own way as an independent philosopher, believing that one doesn't need an academic degree in order to be a philosopher, giving Socrates, Diogenes and Nietzsche as examples.

On April 2019 he founded Philosocom, a site dedicated to many of his articles, which he updates on a regular basis to this day (2021).

Regarding his education, he has fully graduated highschool and attended a few courses in philosophy at the Israeli Open University. In addition he has won 3rd place in a local writing contest for high school students, and have reached the finals of an English speech competition at Jerusalem. In addition, he is dedicated to complete a lot of courses on Udemy, to the point he sees it as a hobby of his.

Rubinshtein has also been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 13, and served at the Israeli National Service for a year.

In 2019, Rubinshtein managed a community on the Quora website, composed of dozens of thousands of followers, dedicated to the sharing of insightful content. Although it is now disbanded, many people appreciated his initiative.


If you have any questions to ask Mr. Rubinshtein, become a member by using the log-in feature at the header above and you'll have the option to contact him by the blog's comment section. At the bottom of each page there is his social media addresses. There is also a forum you can use to contact Rubinshtein publicly, but it also requires signing in.

Tomasio Rubinshtein's purpose in life is simple -- contribute to the world in his own way, and that way is a path of solitude, contemplation and follower-gaining. Regardless of his disabilities preventing him from having a job, he still has a great desire to serve the world in a way which he sees as meaningful and productive. Hence the existence of this very site.

* Buy his books today by going to his digital book store. You can also donate if desired by clicking on the "donate" button at the bottom of this site's every page.

* As of July 2021 Rubinshtein purchased a lordship certificate and henceforth declared himself as Lord of Philosocom. For more information here is the appropiate article.

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Full Name: Tomasio Avichen Rubinshtein

Alias: Mr. Rubinshtein, Tomasio

Occupation: Writer, Philosopher (Non-academic), former Admin of a community, former University Student, Website Owner and certified Tarot Master.

Powers/Skills: Writing Skills, High speech capacity, Capable of being alone for long periods of time. Video-recording skill, staying extensively awake and High dedication

Weaknesses: Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue

Hobbies: Relaxing, learning about new things, finding new music, thinking about the next article, drinking coffee and vexillology.

Goals: Write as much as possible before death, leave a legacy, expand his content’s exposure, finding true peace, reach true fulfilment and contribute to the world in his own way and be worthy of his close followers & readers.

Type of Thinker: Success-hungry Ascetic

Online Certificates:

Blogging Certificate

Philosophical Thinking Certificate

Martial Art Philosophy


Writing Course Certificate



Eastern Philosophy Certificate

Inner Peace Course


Confidence Master Course




of Education Certificate

Fallacies in Logic Course


Authority Blogger


Bushido Philosophy Certificate

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Rubinshtein's Portfolio:

Site Info

Arcane Education



 Tarot Master

Name: Philosocom

Alias: The Philosocom Blog, Philosocom.com, The Philosocom Corporation

Owner: Tomasio Rubinshtein

Creation: April 2019

Purpose: Contribute the world through philosophical contemplations, help preserve content of depth from becoming shallow due to the nature of today's general content, preserve Tomasio Rubinshtein's legacy for many years to come.

Monetization: Donations, E-Books.

Endgame: Get read as much as possible as evidence of contribution; Increase chances of existing after Rubinshtein's death.

Type of Website: Personally-Devised Philosophy Blog

Type of Business: Sole-Proprietorship Content-based Website

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